My Tips for Roman Blinds

This post is a paid collaboration with Direct Blinds but as always my opinions are my own.

Simon and I live in a new build flat, definitely not the style of home we would have gone for if we weren't renting but it's a lovely flat and serves us just fine for now. There are some great bonuses when living in a new build home, all the white goods were brand new when we moved in, we have a very fancy modern bathroom and we never have to have the heating on thanks to new double glazing. However, we are stuck with the most horrific vertical blinds in our living room!

Image by Emily Henderson
Now, roman blinds are usually very expensive which isn't great when you're styling up your home on a budget. This is where my collaboration with Direct Blinds comes in. They offer a huge selection of plain, textured and patterned blinds at an affordable price. They're also a family run brand who sew the blinds in their own UK based factories so you can be sure you're supporting local manufacturing. Sound good? Now onto my tips...

Clean & Modern Design

Roman blinds are perfect if you're looking for a clean and modern look. Roman blinds tend to suit most homes as they're pretty inconspicuous and they blend into most rooms. That is unless you want to go for a bright colour or jazzy pattern - if that's your style then go for it! Roman blinds tend to be a sophisticated and classic design that won't date like other curtain styles, the perfect choice if you're looking for longevity.

Image by Amber Interiors
Think about the Room

The good news is that blinds suit most rooms but it's important to think about the style, colour and type of fabric. Sheer blinds work wonderfully in bathrooms as you can have them down most of the time but they still let the light in, you may want thicker blinds for your bedroom to block out the light and help you sleep. It's also important to think about colour or pattern, I'm a neutral sort of person so I tend to go for greys, whites and desaturated blues.

Do they Complement the Room?

If you don't mind a bit of clashing this tip is not for you! However, for most homes, it's important to remember what else is in the room. Think about how your blinds will complement the furniture, wall colour and other soft furnishings in the room. You don't want your blind to stick out like a sore thumb so remember to order swatches first.

Look After your Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are sewn out of fabric and just like anything else they need to be taken care of. Unlike wooden or metal blinds roman blinds need a relatively gentle touch, too much pulling or tugging could break the threads and reduce the life of your blinds. Remember to keep chains or cords away from young children too. Occasionally you may need to remove marks from your blind but this can be done with soapy water and a little light scrubbing.

Here are my favourite picks from the roman blind collection at Direct Blinds.

Panama Roman Blind in Marble - If you're looking for a simple blind that will compliment any room this pale grey blind could be a perfect choice.

Crushed Velvet Blind in White - I really like the subtle texture in this velvet blind, plus the white shade adds light to the room.

Panama Roman Blind in Silver - perfect for a clean and calm bathroom this white plain blind will almost disappear leaving you with a relaxing space to enjoy.

Crushed Velvet Blind in Ivory - This darker shade will help block out more light and add depth to the room. Like the others though it's still very neutral and calming.

Thanks to Direct Blinds for partnering up with me for this post. I hope it will be a useful read if you're considering adding roman blinds to your home.

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