Rose, Orange and Rosemary Cocktails

Although we don't celebrate Valentine's Day in a big way I'm really looking forward to our first one as a married couple. Simon and I rarely give each other romantic gifts but St Vals is a great opportunity to get all dressed up, go out to dinner and spend some quality time out of our usual routine. I think these cocktails would be just the thing to end the evening with, probably whilst we're sat on the sofa watching an animal documentary on the BBC!

This recipe uses Fentiman's Rose Lemonade which I have been drinking since I was very little. Fenitman's (like me) hails from Newcastle in the North East of England so it's always been my soft drink of choice, my mum's partner even designed the logo! The team kindly sent me a hamper containing their lemonade and a mini bottle of Prosecco so I came up with this romantic cocktail that blended the two drinks.

Whether you're in a relationship or single I'm sure you'll love this drink recipe, the prosecco goes really well with the earthy rosemary and citrus flavours. I also recommend serving this with some Middle Eastern food to go with the rose and pomegranate. Sit back and enjoy eating and drinking with your favourite person.

This recipe uses some really lovely ingredients that all compliment each other really well. There's orange, rosemary, pomegranate and real roses in the lemonade.  Fentiman's Rose Lemonade is made using real roses from the “Valley of the Roses” in Bulgaria, somewhere I would love to visit!

What You Need

Fentiman's Rose Lemonade
Orange slices
Pomegranate (or other berries if you prefer)


In your cocktail glass of choice pour in the rose lemonade until the glass is filled halfway. Top the rest up with prosecco and stir very gently to blend together.

Add in your prefered garnish. I love the combination of orange and rosemary for a really refreshing taste. Pomegranate seeds have been associated with Aphrodite the goddess of love after she apparently planted the first ever tree.

Fill your glass with ice and enjoy!

I hope you try this cocktail recipe out and let me know if you enjoy it. Have a lovely Valentine's Day no matter how you celebrate it. 

This blog post was sponsored by Fentiman's. Thank you for supporting the brands that help make my blog possible.

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