SIMPLE CHRISTMAS CRAFTS - painted party hats

It's time for my third and final Christmas DIY posts with Dulux. I hope you're all feeling the festive spirit now it's only two weeks until the big day. Today's craft is perfect if you want to make something for all those festive get-togethers and New Year's Eve parties.

Patterned Party Hats

These hats are so adorable, they’d make wonderful place settings at a party and I’m sure you’ll agree that they’re much better than the standard paper hats found in crackers. If you don’t fancy making hats for all your guests why not set up a DIY party hat station where they can make their own?

What you’ll need

You’ll need a sheet of A4 card for each hat. Begin by shaping the card into a cone to create the base of each hat, trim off any excess card to create a neat base.

Use one of the paint colours to completely cover a hat, each hat can have a different base colour if you like a mixed look. Once the base has dried you can begin decorating the hats with the other colours. The patterns are completely up to you, it may be a good idea to do some research first.

Once you’ve decorated each hat it’s time to make the mini pom poms. I used a fork for this, wrap a length of wool around the two outside prongs of the fork until the middle of the fork is covered in a thick wrapping.

Take another piece of yarn that's a couple of inches long and thread it through the bottom of the fork from front to back. Then pull it underneath the wrap and back over the top until the ends of the yarn meet. Now tie them together.

Slide the yarn off the fork. Take your scissors and put them under the little loops created in the rounded ball of yarn. As you cut the loops, you'll see the pom pom begin to form. Trim all the threads until you have a neat pom pom.

Using PVA glue stick a pom pom onto the top of each hat. The last stage is to attach a length of ribbon or elastic to the hat so they can be worn on your guest’s heads.

I hope you enjoyed these DIY alternatives to buying all your Christmas bits and pieces this year. I’m sure you’ll agree that making things is so much more fun, personal and rewarding. Enjoy all your handiwork and let me know if you make any of these projects!

This post was written in collaboration with Dulux. Thank you for supporting the brands that help make this little blog possible.

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