Perfect Prints For a Bedroom

Finding artwork for your home can be quite a challenge. I've discovered that I can be quite fussy with what I pop up on my walls but as art should express your personality and help set the tone of the room maybe that's not so surprising.  Simon and I usually agree with regards to the design of our home but sometimes we still don't really get along with each other's choices. As an example, he has a lot of brightly coloured books in the living room, where I want everything to be neutral! However, when I found these bird prints on King and Mcgaw I knew that we'd both love them. 

These two guys perfectly suit our flat, I think they look marvellous in our bedroom. Simon and I adore birds and get quite into bird spotting when we're on hikes so it seemed like a lovely homage to our countryside walks. Both these pieces are prints of embroidered fabric which helps add texture and depth.

Birds have such a calming effect on us both, I believe that prints in a bedroom should make you feel relaxed and ready for sleep. You want to avoid anything over stimulating otherwise you may find it difficult to drift off. Our bedroom is painted in a very pale pink on the main wall and we have touches of creamy yellow and navy blue to complement it. Simon and I both love deep blues, a tone that reminds me of the night's sky or a vast ocean. Pale pink has also been proven to have calming effects, Baker-Miller Pink is a tone of pink claimed to reduce hostile, violent or aggressive behaviour in correctional facilities. I had a pale pink bedroom when I was little and it definitely had a very relaxing effect.

I've collected together my favourite prints from the King and Mcgaw website that I think would look perfect in a bedroom. I've selected a broad selection of styles from photography, magazine covers, classic old masters, expressive and abstract as well as a movie poster. I think the main rule to follow is to pick art that you love and make you feel as relaxed as possible.

The two bird prints I picked out for the bedroom are "Cranes" by Anonymous, a gift cover (fukusa) of tapestry woven silk, Japan, made in the second half of 19th century. "Owl" by George Jack, an embroidered panel designed by George Jack, which was embroidered by Annie Jack, wool and silk on silk c.1914. Sales of this particular print support the work of the William Morris Gallery which is one of my favourite galleries in London.

Thanks so much to King and Mcgaw for gifting me these two pieces. If you'd like to see more posts about my bedroom click here.


  1. Such beautiful bird prints and they both really suit the space and styling. Gorgeous x

  2. A beautiful choice of prints, they are both so calming to look at and perfect for a bedroom space

  3. Hey you!!!!!! SO lovely to see your post in my #HomeEtc list!!!! :) I can't believe I've not caught up with you for so long — are you married now? I've had my head in a bucket since the twins started school — so behind the curve.

    I LOVE this post Nancy — and the prints you've chosen. It's bizarre — we have THE most beautiful crane print in our bedroom too!!

    It was gifted to me by my mother-in-law when they moved house. I've always loved it. So beautiful. The one you've chosen would sit really well alongside it :) I love King and McGaw too — they have some beautiful pieces; too many to choose!!! :) Lovely to have you linking up chickie, Caro xx

  4. Welcome back Nancy! It's lovely to see you linking up with #HomeEtc again and thank you for sharing your beautiful finds. I love King & McGaw, such a treasure trove of pieces and definitely something for everyone X #HomeEtc