A Colourful Day in Somerset

Well, it feels quite strange to be back on the blog after a few wedding related weeks off. I didn't mean to abandon my blog but I had no idea just how busy I would be preparing for our legal London ceremony. I naïvely thought that because it was a very small and intimate affair I would simply walk up to the town hall on the day and get the deed done. Instead, the week before leading up to the wedding I decided that I wanted to fully focus on us getting married. I hand painted the place cards and menus for our wedding lunch and I went out with Simon to gather flowers decorate the venue, it was so lovely.

The few manic days I had leading up to the wedding were also incredibly fun and rewarding. Needless to say, it was the best day of our lives so far and I can't wait for wedding part two in Scotland!  I will obviously be sharing a few blog posts about our legal wedding as soon as I get the photographs back from our photographer Sophie. In the meantime, I have a few travel related blog posts that I've been meaning to get up for the longest time.

Talking about Sophie, all the photographs in this blog post were taken by her at the Weekend:IN bloggers event I enjoyed in Somerset a few weeks ago. Weekend:IN brings together influencers and brands so they can connect and form beneficial working partnerships, something I believe in completely with regards to my blogging work. So, I boarded a train to Somerset for a beautiful day full of friendships, food and creativity. I met some wonderful independent brands as well as a bunch of absolutely lovely bloggers. All in all, it was a fantastic day so keep reading to find out exactly what we got up to.

The day was based in a wonderful venue, The Shed. Which in my opinion would be so perfect for a hen party or a special weekend away with friends (my friends and I are itching to stay there together!). It had a slight industrial meets L.A bungalow vibe which I loved. There was a huge lounge area with a wood burning stove and very comfortable sofas, which I promptly flopped onto with a cup of tea from Joe's Tea (so good) as soon as I arrived. Lest I forget to mention the stunning floral arrangements by Wilderness Flowers, I don't think I've ever seen such glorious peonies!

The day was broken up into three sections in order for us bloggers to get to know the brands more intimately. The first workshop was a styling session with Seven Boot LaneHammam Havlu and Beija London. I absolutely adored the pair of pink espadrilles I was given by Seven Boot Lane, see my styled Instagram post featuring them here. I was very kindly gifted them along with the pink bikini by Beija London, which is absolutely perfect timing as they will be very well worn when I'm in Greece for my honeymoon!

Ollie Quinn brought along a selection of their sunglasses, I have to say it was really lovely to see a brand have a selection of sizes. I have such a pea head and I really struggle to find sunglasses that don't make me look like an insect. I definitely need petite sunglasses otherwise I look completely stupid! I recently popped into Ollie Quinn to pick up a pair of their sunglasses and I absolutely love them. I choose the Ashi style if like me, you have a teeny head. 

After our styling competition, we headed outside to enjoy lunch by the pool which was absolutely delicious. I even enjoyed a can of Prosecco! After that, the Ollie Quinn team taught us how to make very flamboyant pom-pom headbands. It was at that point that I definitely felt like I was at a crafty hen party with a group of old friends. Some of us created completely flamboyant and bizarre addresses but typical me kept it simple with navy blue and blush pink pom-poms. What can I say, I'm slightly boring!

When our headdresses were complete we went outside for an impromptu photo shoot as the scenery around the shed was so gorgeous. It was at this point that I got to know our photographer Sophie Carefull a little better. I was so grateful to meet her as she very kindly agreed to be our wedding photographer at the last minute. I seriously can't wait to get those photos back! There's a sneak peek here in case you missed it over on my Instagram.

When we all went back inside we were greeted with a table by the fire laden with chocolates, sweets and cookies as well a pair of brand new Yawn pyjamas for us all to change into. I have a few pairs of pyjamas by Yawn and quite honestly, they are the most comfortable pyjamas I have ever worn. I absolutely love them. 

Imogen from Yawn talked to us about relaxation and how important it is to switch off from your working life in the evenings, something that I am extremely good at. After having a chat with the group it was pretty obvious that not all of us have down time after the working day and continued working well into the evening. Some of us sounded like workaholics, and after having a dad who worked much too hard that's something I'll never want to be. I am a huge advocate of taking time out and spending quality time with friends and family, life isn't all about work not matter how much you love it.

After eating a few handfuls of Maltesers we then got the board games out and proceeded a rather competitive few rounds of Taboo and Articulate! At this point, the room felt incredibly relaxed and all of us were focussed on having fun. It was such a lovely way to end the day and I definitely didn't want to take my pyjamas off and get the train back to London. 

We left with heaving bags full of all sorts of treats from the brands,  I may have also taken a can of Prosecco for the journey home (Emma and I had a great time in our carriage!) Thank you so much to all the brands that joined us and for Olivia of Weekend:IN for organising one of the best bloggers events I have ever been to!

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