Sofas for Small Spaces

I live in an absolutely tiny London flat. I'm used to it now after almost four years of living here but I remember when Simon and I first moved in it was a little bit of a shock. We've had to become very clever about how we use our space and we've bought a lot of furniture that fits snugly into little corners. The problem with finding furniture for small spaces is finding a piece that looks beautiful but is also tiny enough to fit into our flat.

Most furniture that I love, especially sofas and armchairs, are pretty huge. We had to settle for an IKEA sofa that we liked but didn't love. It's quite plain and it doesn't really have any interesting design details, it's one of those pieces that kind of blends in with the room. That's absolutely fine if you like super simple furniture but as a complete interior addict, I wanted something a little more interesting.

You may have seen that a few weeks ago I popped along to the DFS Capsule Collection press day. I wasn't really sure what to expect but the pieces that I found there were truly stunning. I also bumped into fellow interiors blogger Cate St Hill who I've been chatting to on Instagram for years, it's so funny meeting an online friend in real life. Cate and I chatted about the collection and we both agreed on how surprised we were to find DFS designing such useful and beautiful sofas for small spaces, I've always associated DFS with huge big plump sofas! The pieces are really beautifully designed with touches of mid-century and Scandinavian features, whilst also remaining small enough to fit in the tiniest of apartments.

I particularly like the design of the legs on the sofas and the fact that there was space between the sofa and the floor. Simon and I have to store quite a lot of stuff under our sofa to save on space so that detail was really good to see. Most of the sofas had quite low backs which added to the feeling of more space as well. However, the thing that got me really excited was the mid-century modern design of the pieces, the mustard armchair in the photo below has a real 1970s vibe which I absolutely love.

I definitely had my few favourites, my two top pieces were Laze and Truth simply because they're classic enough to suit any apartment but they still have those little design details to keep things interesting. Most of the legs on the sofas had that midcentury vibe and come in various metal and wood finishes. Lots of the sofas also came in a velvet fabric which is really cool to see, I think my favourite was the mustard velvet and the dark grey herringbone fabric.

I'm really pleasantly surprised to see that DFS are thinking about people who live in small spaces. I'm not sure when will be moving out of London but I feel like it's extremely refreshing to see a collection of affordable furniture it that is fashionable and without the bulk!

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  1. These are are looking cool. Small yet eye-catching. Loved watching all these pics :)