The Best Swimwear Brands

Ok, London. What's with the weather? As soon as I get back from my holiday you decide to rain all week. Real nice. I ended up missing the heat wave whilst I was in Turkey, I couldn't quite believe that it was hotter in London than up on my mum's roof terrace. I'm sure I'm not alone in planning my next warm getaway as soon as my feet hit English soil. My next holiday is a biggie though, maybe the most exciting one I'll ever have. My honeymoon. My mind wanders away from the important task of booking flights and apartments and onto swimwear. So, here are my favourite places to buy good quality beach wear that will last for years to come.


The swimming costume I'm wearing in the photo above is from Oysho. I first fell in love with this brand when I would visit Barcelona as a teen. They have really beautiful collections. Some of their stuff is quite plain and basic and some have really gorgeous details like the bikini below. I'm definitely going to buy that white and navy swimming costume.


Like all Cos clothing the swimwear is really well made, the fabric is thicker than any other I've seen which I really like. The silhouettes are incredibly simple and flattering, I find their bikinis really easy to wear (I have four!). Plus the bottoms actually cover your bum, which I like very much.


You probably know how much I adore Anthro, it has to be my favourite shop. They stock a great selection of hard to find swimwear brands, most of which have a colourful or boho vibe to them. I've selected my two favourite pieces that are currently in store.


Lido is pretty new to me, but boy oh boy do I love their swimwear. It's super minimal but basically perfect, I also love green so I'm very happy to see that all their pieces come in a deep forest shade. Their swimwear looks as though it will always remain classic, I don't tend to buy things that will date quickly.


I really love Modcloth, they believe fashion is for every body size and shape, and so, their swimwear is made to be fun and flattering. I love stripes and nautical themed bikinis so their cute designs slot very nicely into my summer wardrobe.

Mara Hoffman

I've never bought anything from Mara Hoffman (when I'm feeling spendy I'm sure I will) but I wanted to include her swimwear as I absolutely love the print designs, they really remind me of Matisse and Collier Campbell combined together.

Let me know what swimwear brands you love, I'm always on the lookout for interesting or independent companies. Thanks for reading!

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