Back when I started this blog I would share anything and everything that I loved, mainly girly fashion picks. Please don't go back and look, it's very embarrassing. I'd like to start that sort of blogging back up again, quick little posts sharing what I've been loving alongside my usual word heavy life stuff!

Today I'm bringing you Pampa, a gorgeous rug company that specialise in Argentinian textiles. Pampa partners with traditional artisan groups and was founded with the desire to protect the woven heritage for the next generation.

Pampa specialise in beautiful handwoven rugs but they've also introduced throws, cushions and prints to their collection. I've been really inspired by bohemian interiors recently and I particularly love the way Pampa has styled each product, can my bedroom look like that please?

They have an absolutely huge selection of rugs to choose from so I'll share my favourites here for you.


  1. These are so stunning, I'm really into this handwoven cushions/rugs look at the moment! Styling is spot on as well.

  2. These are so gorgeous, I love the styling too - very boho.

    1. Thank you! Glad you like them. I'm obsessed with rugs!