Spring Favourites

It's been a hot minute since I did a round up post on the blog. Recently I've been doing a lot of posts that featured my own photography so I wanted to take a little break and share all the beautiful things I have been loving the past few months. Fair warning, there's a lot of pink.

Pink Bathroom via A Beautiful Mess
This is such a dreamy bathroom. If I lived on my own or didn't care what Simon thought I would totally have a bathroom like this. The baby pink, the marble, the brass, it's all so gorgeous. That mirror is awesome too, so much better than a round one.

Moss Green Nubuck shoes from Goodwin
I'm a little bit obsessed with green at the moment, I blame all the wedding planning. We're going full on foliage for the big day so I've been dreaming about ferns and eucalyptus. I absolutely love these green nubuck shoes, they're classic but not boring. 

Vogue Print via King and Mcgaw
I love this print, I'm a big fan of Art Deco design and the colours are lovely too. We've just painted our bedroom blue and pink so I'm really digging that combo. Anything with a dog on is also cool with me.
Photo by Fine Life Co
Trying to plan my wedding hair is proving difficult, I'm a very low maintenance kinda girl. I'll probably opt for some kind of twisty half updo like this one with some leaves stuffed in for good measure. It's just the right amount of messy for me.

Image of Wicker Bag via Pinterest
Is it just me or are straw baskets everywhere? They really remind me of the French countryside and they're so chic too. I love this one, which looks a little smarter and more structured than the standard basket.

Photo of Charlotte le Bon via Collider
Speaking of French style, everything Charlotte Le Bon wore in the 100 Foot Journey is so beautiful and classic. I love boat neck dresses, denim jackets and Breton tops, I'd also love a classic watch like hers too.

Photo of Floral Bouquet by Yasmin Emei
This relaxed and sunny bouquet is just stunning! I absolutely adore those big white flowers, this bunch of blooms shouts spring to me. I'm not sure why so many people dislike yellow and orange, they're such happy colours.

Star Manicure by ABM
Would it be mad to have this as my wedding manicure? I think those gold stars are so cool and I find the classic nude bridal nails really boring too. I think I'm gonna go for it. Gotta get those wedding ring shots looking good!

Photo of Liya Kebede via Amazon
Women wearing suits is just the best. Sorry gentlemen, we just look better in menswear than you do most of the time. I've just bought my first suit, a baby pink wide legged number. More women really should wear trouser suits, it looks awesome.

Ficus Photo via Society 6
I'd really like to buy one of these guys. We have a fiddle leaf fig in our living room and I'd like to extend our Ficus family. All of our plants are boys (weird I know) but this one looks like a pretty lady to me. I really love the purple and pink mottled leaves.

Nursery Design by Emily Henderson 
I'm already planning my dream nursery and we're nowhere near that stage yet. I can't help it, cool nurseries are my new interior design obsession. Just look and this dreamy pink and green room. the cane sofa and Mid-Century touches are perfect. 

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