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Anthropologie is one of my all time favourite stores, I remember going to New York when I was a student and making a bee-line straight to the front door. When I moved to London a few years later Anthropologie was one of the first shops I popped into, it's always been a perfect place to find inspiration as a creative person. I find it so interesting that a shop can create nostalgic memories like that.

I was very kindly sent a few pieces from Anthropologie to take on our trip to the Yorkshire Dales, and let me tell you, it felt so great to dress up after a week in muddy leggings and hiking boots. I've worn the bright coral top quite a few times since the holiday, I love the feminine ruffles and the loose fit. I'm such a fan of oversized and a-line tops, they're just so comfortable.

The best part of the outfit? The shoes perfectly match the top, yes! Bright reds can be pretty hard to pull off, in fact I'm not even sure if my colouring suits this shade but it's such a fun colour for Spring it had to be done. It's quite difficult not to feel happy when you're wearing such a bright colour.

The twisted bow detail of the red shoes is what made me choose them. It's a fun and unexpected detail without being totally crazy. I can imagine wearing these whilst Simon and I are travelling around Greece for our honeymoon.

Did I mention that I love wide legged trousers, and ho if they're culottes I am one happy lady. Just look at them swoosh about (but ignore the creases please). This beautiful pair of striped wide legged culottes are perfect for Spring, I have about four other pairs of trousers like these but I still can't get enough. I'm a culotte addict.

I'm a pretty classic dresser but it's so fun to mix things up a little bit. To me, clothes are all about the little details and clean styling, I'm not really a fan of really crazy outfits! I think Spring is the perfect time to add a little bit of colour and frivolity to your wardrobe. Give me a few ruffles and some wide legged trousers and I'll be happy until Summer.


  1. You look so lovely here! I love Anthropologie too - always a treat to visit when I'm in London and I can never come out empty handed. Wish they'd open one in Cambridge one day!

    1. Thank you so much Lizzie! I'm sure they'll open one in Cambridge, it would be the perfect place for one.

  2. I love the top, such a happy colour and the frills are very pretty!

  3. Ohh the house you're in looks cool. I think the shoes are my fave!

  4. Thank you, I'm planning a post about our holiday soon!