House Tour - Kay of Kinship Creative

Today I am so excited to show you the beautiful home of Kay from Kinship Creative. Not only has Kay creative a truly stunning home for her family but she works as a stylist and runs creative workshops near her home in the Essex countryside. Kay and I are actually hosting a workshop together on the 26th of May called Block Printing and How to Style it, have a look here for more details. It was a pleasure to photograph her home so, on with the house tour!

I sent Kay a few questions so we could all get to know her a little better, so over to her!

Q. What made you want to work with interior design and styling, have you always loved the interiors world?

I have always loved interiors and, growing up, I was very influenced by my Mum who was often painting furniture or finding interesting vintage pieces. I wanted to work with interior design and styling because I enjoy the creative and transformative process and how changing someone’s home or commercial environment can positively affect their happiness or productivity.

Q. What is your favourite part of running your own creative business?

I love the fact that every day is different, one day I might be meeting a client who wants help redesigning their home space, the next I could be styling a magazine shoot or running a creative workshop. I also love helping other people who either run, or would like to start up, their own small creative businesses- which is why I started my ‘Kinship Gatherings’ network and events.

Q. If you could own a brick and mortar shop where would it be and what would it be like?

This has been a dream of mine since my early 20s, and in a less concrete form even from childhood, it is all fully designed and stocked in my head and one day I will make it happen! It would be in an old building with lots of character and everything inside would be for sale, including all the fixtures and fittings, as I find it frustrating when I go into a nice shop and things I love aren’t for sale. I would have lots of natural materials and textures in the space and would also have a cafĂ© area selling delicious wholesome food and drinks where people could refuel. There would be a small edit of Danish clothing and a mix of new homewares and vintage pieces, alongside lots of plants! I would also run workshops and evening events and my Husband could realise his dream of having a pop-up restaurant!

Q. Have you got anything new or exciting coming up?

Yes, my home is going to be featured in Ideal Home magazine later this Summer and I have some exciting creative workshop collaborations coming up, including one with you! There are also a few other new things that I am working on that I can’t talk about yet!

Q. What does a typical day look like to you?

I have two primary school aged children, so my days are still very much built around them. I try to get up early so I can post on social media before they are up (although my 6yr old usually wakes me up far earlier!) and then get back to work after the school run and walking Flash, our Border Collie. Actually, lots of my ideas come whilst I am out with Flash as I am heavily influenced and inspired by the natural world, both in my work and in my home. If I am not out on a shoot, meeting clients or running workshops / Kinship Gatherings then I work from home where I have a desk space in our new loft conversion that is nice and light.

Q. Any tips for my readers in case they want to set up a creative business too?

I think you just have to go for it, there will never be a perfect time, but life is too short for regrets. It can be overwhelming, so get as much help as you can and then pay it forward once you have been taught something by helping someone else. I strongly believe that we should collaborate and not compete.

Q. What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?

I was raised to work hard and be nice to people and I think that is hugely important, in life as well as in business.


Thanks so much to Kay for inviting me to her home and letting me have a good nosey! I really enjoyed seeing the beautiful space she has created and I can't wait for our workshop together. Again, if you'd like to check that out here's the link. The day will start with me running a block printing class and then after lunch Kay will take over and teach you how to style your printed fabric in your home.


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  4. Such a beautiful space! What I love about it is that as well as being beautiful and well styled, it also looks like someone actually lives there. Know what I mean? xx

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