Our New Bedroom

You may remember from this post that I have been meaning to re-decorate our bedroom for quite a while. Now, that’s not because I didn’t like our bedroom, its just that it’s been the same since we first moved in together over four years ago. In fact, a lot of the furniture was given to me when I first moved to London. These pieces are things that I never really liked, I needed furniture at the time so I happily took them. All that miss-matched style left me with a bedroom that I didn't feel completely in love with, especially when compared to the rest of our flat.

Since first moving in together, Simon and I have worked very hard to create the open plan kitchen and living room that we have today. We spent a long time sourcing furniture and decorative pieces that suited our tastes, and we are now so happy with that part of the flat. I wanted our bedroom to reflect the same style that is found in the rest of our home as it never really matched up properly. Simon and I love Mid-Century furniture and I have always felt very inspired by Scandinavian design as well.

The idea was to create a calm and cool bedroom with a Scandi atmosphere. I didn't want it to feel too modern though as I have a few vintage pieces that I wanted to keep. The aim was to just update the room a bit and include a lot more trendy ideas. I kept seeing dark inky blue and pale pink all over Pinterest and that I realised that everything I was pinning to my interiors board included these two colours. I had wanted to introduce more pale pink in the flat anyway, so I thought that the bedroom would be the perfect place to do it. Adding the dark blue also kept the room from looking too gender specific and more balanced. Although, I have to say that Simon loves the pink (I knew I’d get him on side!).

For a quick DIY I spray-painted the old drawer pulls with copper spray paint whilst I waited for our new handles to arrive from Anthropologie, I can't wait to show you those on another blog post very soon.

The team at Amara very kindly let me choose a few pieces to help bring our new bedroom to life. I opted for this modern wool kelim by Ferm Living, which I absolutely love. A fantastic baby pink Bluetooth speaker (I have been wanting one for ages) from Kreafunk. There is nothing better than brand new bed sheets so I opted for these charcoal grey ones to make our bed feel a little more masculine. After getting rid of our very old bureau we were seriously lacking in storage next to the bed so I chose this lovely rope storage basket too. Simon and I love reading, we usually have around eight books on the go at any one time so I wanted to keep them hidden away and the basket is perfect!

Something else that is new to the bedroom is the beautiful solid oak bench next to the bed. I am planning a special styling post all about this soon though. Keep an eye out for that this week! This is the first of three special bedroom related posts that I have coming up so I hope you enjoy them.

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