New Pattern Design Workshops

After the runaway successes of my Repeat Pattern Design workshops in collaboration with my very good illustrator friend Emma Block I thought it was about time that I offer a larger selection of pattern related classes. I am so excited to announce that I have two new workshops coming up this Spring and Summer. If you've always wanted to learn more about pattern design, by hand or digitally, these workshops are sure to inspire you.

Patterns by Hand Workshop - Block Print your own Fabric or Paper

The first class I have coming up is my Block Printing Workshop on the 6th of May at West Elm.

Have you always wanted to learn how to print onto paper or fabric? Want to customise greetings cards, home goods, wallpaper or textiles? Learn how to block print a pattern with your own custom stamp in this 2-hour class.

In this class, we'll start by talking through ideas and inspiration. You'll start with a simple design on paper, carve it to create a stamp, and finally print it onto a product of your choice such as greetings cards, tea towels or tote bags. For tickets and more information click right here.

I also have two dates for my digital pattern design classes available too. The first is on the 21st of May (although I only have two spaces left for that date), and the other is the 6th of July.

Intro To Surface Pattern Design Workshop  - Digitise your Patterns

Want to learn how to design a repeat pattern on your computer? If yes, this class is perfect for you. This 2.5 hour class is broken down into easy to follow step-by-step sections that clearly explain how to transform your inspiration into a seamless repeat pattern on your computer for use in countless projects.

This workshop is designed to give you all the technical and creative skills you need to start designing patterns on your computer, plus it will inspire and motivate you to design more often and maybe even start a career in pattern design.