My Mum

As you may have seen from Instagram that I popped home last weekend to visit my mum and brother. I’d had a stressful few weeks and sometimes London isn’t the best city to be in if you need to relax and forget your worries for a while. I’m very fortunate that my childhood home has always been a place I can go to to escape life and enjoy the little things.

These photos were taken over six years ago, that's a little scary!

It was so lovely to have someone else look after me, cook me dinner, take me to the pub and just be there for me. I had a lovely four days with my family and my mum took me to a few of my favourite places in the North East. On my way back to London I felt more at peace with the tough situation I found myself in. This week I’ve been able to think more positively about things and that’s thanks to my mum.

This experience ties in so nicely with what I’m going to be talking about today. As you probably know, here in the UK Mother’s Day is fast approaching. A time to show your mum how much you appreciate all the hard work they put in. And trust me, my mum has put in a lot of hard work over the years! This year are recognising how much effort it takes to be a good mother and they're championing every single mum across the nation with their #ForMumsWho campaign. At this time in my life I’m thinking about starting my own family and how I was raised will help guide my own life as a parent. I really have no idea how my mum and dad managed to raise such sensitive, kind and thoughtful children. That sounds as though I’m blowing my own trumpet but really it’s all down to my parents.

I’m proud of my personality. I’m sassy, empathetic, giving, creative, considered. But I’m also moody, opinionated, highly strung and I put too much pressure on myself. My mum is someone who manages to only focus on the good parts of me, and to me that’s what makes an excellent parent. I always feel loved, supported and even when I’m rude she forgives me. My mum is the mum who is always completely capable of love and care, no matter what. Tom and I have both gone through some absolutely terrible times in our lives but our family has always stuck together and made our love for each other so obvious.

I’ll be visiting my mum again in a few weeks time so I’ll be taking this personalised copper cocktail shaker along with a bottle of the best gin I can find. We’re going to sit down with a cocktail or two (hopefully in the garden if it’s sunny) and talk about life. My mum has the amazing skill of putting all life’s issues into perspective. This is the year I’ll be getting married to the most wonderful person. My mum has made sure that our upcoming marriage stays as magical and exciting as the day Simon proposed to me, thank goodness they get on so well!

In case you want to buy your mum a present you can discover unique gifts for every mum this Mother’s Day at I hope that if you’re able to celebrate a woman in your life you give her the love she deserves this year.

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