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A few weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of being invited along to Hazel Gardiner's first ever floral workshop in her gorgeous home. Hazel has just launched a range of stylish floral arranging classes and after a ten-minute walk from my flat I found myself at her home for her first workshop. I was greeted by bunches of the most gorgeous brightly coloured flowers and I couldn't wait to get stuck in. I left the class feeling really inspired and I thought that Hazel would be a perfect fit for my Meet the Makers series.

I can't wait to show you the photos I took of her seriously stylish home and I hope you enjoy reading about her process and creative business.

If you haven't read my previous Meet the Maker posts, take a look at them here. Meet the Maker is a chance for me to interview creative and inspiring people and take a look into their processes. I was lucky enough to be able to actually visit Hazel's home and I'm sure you'll agree that it is such a beautiful space.

What made you want to work with flowers, have you always loved nature?

After running a vintage clothing and events company I knew that my next step had to still involve creativity. My passion for both flowers and gardening is inherited from my Mum. She is an incredibly brilliant gardener and autodidact which astounded me as a child and still does. I used to watch, mesmerised as her creations grew and came to life. I have always associated these moments with calm and peace and I knew that nature had to be the focus of my next step. I’m still using all of my previous experience but now my tools are living!

What is your favourite part of running your own creative business?

For me the most rewarding part is being the master of your own destiny, admittingly this can be the main reason that people find it daunting but building a business with no creative boundaries, using all of my ideas is exhilarating.

If you could own a brick and mortar shop where would it be and what would it be like?

I think I always like the freedom of not being tied to a particular location but I think I would choose somewhere in the countryside rather than the big city. Somewhere near to one of the UK’s many British flower farms and that has land so I could grow my own blooms. If I did have a shop I think it would probably be concept store, that took one guise in the daytime then turned into something else in the evening. My sister is a very talented cook and baker so the dream would be to run something together.

Have you got anything new or exciting coming up?

As well as some great collaborations (wink, wink) I’ve just plotted all my workshops for the next year, I can’t wait to unleash them. They all are different with the constant element being flowers and plants but in a way that is new and exciting, keep tuned! I also am gearing up for the 2nd wedding of the year . It is very experimental which is hugely rewarding as in conjunction with floristry I also offer complete event styling . Curating a scene, creating all aesthetic elements right through from lighting to flowers is a very magical experience to work with clients on.

Any tips for my readers in case they want to set up a creative business like you?

Choose wisely, when you’re drowning in paperwork and struggling to find a life balance it’s your love for what you are doing creatively that pushes you through. Try and find a business or creative mentor you respect who can advise and encourage you. Most importantly, really believe in yourself, being petrified is an emotion, not an absolute so just go for it!

What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?

You can be respected without being a tyrant. Female entrepreneurs especially struggle with the principle that kindness equals weakness, it doesn’t. Throughout my career the most successful working relationships have come from the freedom of communication and exchange of ideas achieved through mutual respect rather than fear.

Thank you so much to Hazel for taking the time to answer my questions and inviting me along to learn about flowers! I had such a brilliant time and I definitely suggest taking a look at Hazel's site if you're interested in floral design.

Flower arranging is much harder than I expected but personally, I think I did a pretty good job! What do you think?

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  1. I love flower arranging - it's something I've been thinking about doing a course in so that I can have my own perfectly styled blooms. Reading this has made my mind up! #HomeEtc

  2. Oh those flowers are stunning. What a fab post and lovely photos as always. Thanks for sharing :) Jess xx #HomeEtc

  3. She does indeed have a completely beautiful home *swoon*. I love this series, it's so interesting to learn what drives people behind the creative process X #HomeEtc (ps, lovely to bump into you the other evening!)

  4. What stunning photographs. I am loving the darker colours here. I really want to be braver with my colour choices in our home, but I keep chickening out! Thank you for sharing x x

  5. What a stylish home and such a gorgeous backdrop for the flowers. This was a very interesting read. I don't have my own business but I would agree about communication and understnding in business relationships. Those are the most profitable and rewarding.