My Full Anxiety Story

It's video time again and this one is very personal. Grab a cup of tea and get comfy as I'm about to share big time! I really hope this video will be able to offer some sort of support to anyone dealing with anxiety or any other mental illness, if you're suffering or know someone who is I really hope it helps.

After being open and honest about my personal anxiety over on Instagram I received so many supportive and thoughtful comments. Many people suggested that I film a proper video about my mental health journey so here it is! It's a pretty long video and I go into a lot of detail so I hope that won't put you off! If you're only interested in hearing about my coping mechanisms and stress relief tactics skip to the 30 minute mark.

This was a very difficult video to film and I hope that it will be useful, inspiring or refreshing. Together we can all be more open about this very important topic and reduce the stigma attached to mental health.

One more thing, please share this video if you feel it could benefit someone you know.

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