Planning a Bedroom Refresh

In a few weeks time I'll be giving our bedroom a mini makeover. I've decided to paint one of the walls a pale pink / putty shade and transform our slightly unloved chest of drawers by painting it with an inky blue eggshell paint. I've noticed that I keep pinning any interiors images that feature dark blue, pale pink and ochre tones. When combined together these shades remind me of a modernised 1970's room scheme but with all the calmness of a Scandinavian style home. The perfect combo if you ask me.

To help me update the room I've put together a mood board and selected a few pieces of furniture (that I'd buy in dreamland) alongside some decorative pieces (that I may actually buy). I do love our bedroom but it has a lot of pieces that I've grown out of recently. It features quite a lot of primary coloured bits and bobs and I'd like to update it and make it feel a little more grown up. The aim is to keep the rustic elements like our vintage suitcases and books but combine those with something a little smarter. You can see what the room currently looks like here. I can't wait to show you the transformation! 

Bedroom image via this gorgeous blog

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These wicker star burst mirrors are so wonderfully retro, I love how the wood adds a lot of warmth. 

You really can't beat proper linen bed sheets, there's honestly nothing better to sleep in and they come in the best shades too.

I love West Elm for Mid-Century style furniture, I'd really like some sort of bench for next to our bed as we're replacing the old bureau.

Not exactly designed for the bedroom but I think these star candle holders from Rose and Grey are amazing. Can you tell I like stars?

I'd really like to get a Scandinavian or Mid-Century bedside table to pop a new lamp on. This DIY project is a modern take on that idea.

I love the rustic quality that baskets can bring to a room and I think these two from The Future Kept could hide a lot of bedroom or laundry mess! 

Nothing beats string shelving and one day I will have at least one set! For now I'm taking inspiration from the styling of this gorgeous gold unit. 

Do you have any room update or makeover plans? I think January is the perfect time to do it!

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  1. I love ochre and pink together too, maybe they can look a little dated sometimes though so you have to be careful!

    1. You're totally right! Modern styling is very important with those two colours.

  2. Love love love, my bedroom has been in mood board phase for 8 months, very similar in styles to your top picture.

    I can't wait to see the end result and yes to String Shelves, I have one and the best purchase I ever made, always makes me smile xx

    1. Ha! Now I'm worried that I'll do the same! It's definitely going to be a work in process thing as I kinda want to change EVERYTHING now!

  3. Can you come
    And decorate my bedroom when you're done?!! I am totally into dark blue and pink at the moment and I agree ochre can work really well with it too, especially with a midcentury feel. I also agree that you need to have some very modern touches in the mix too so it doesn't seem too retro. Maybe a bit of pale grey marble or touches of industrial style brass? I want to introduce pink into our lounge as it has blues, light greys and a bit of ochre in there too. Some people think I'm mad but the right shade will work I think. Good luck with it! K #homeetc

  4. I will be following your progress! I very nearly painted my room a pink putty colour as well but went more neutral in the end. Can't wait to see how it looks! Looks like you have plenty of daylight in there too #HomeEtc

  5. Can't wait to see. Navy blue really has a place doesn't it. This is going to look fab, I can just tell #HOMEETC

  6. SNAP!!!! I'm doing a bedroom makeover and am going for an inky blue!!!! SO exciting!!!!! Cannot WAIT to get that paint on the wall. And I'm going to paint the bedside cabinets in the same shade, so they'll disappear a little bit. Can't wait to compare notes!!!! :) xx #HomeEtc