Blog Post Basics - Ideas and Inspiration

I still love blogging, after 7 years it's still something I look forward to. I can't believe it's been that long. Am I really that old, surely I'm still 21? Anyway...despite absolutely adoring this blog of mine sometimes it's easy to get stuck in a rut. To combat this I have a few tricks up my sleeve. 

Today I'm going to share a few basic blogging tips with you. This post is perfect if you've just starting blogging and need a little help, but it will be equally useful if you're a long time blogger too. We all need a boost from now and then. After the video scroll down to read my useful blog post content ideas. Got your cup of tea ready? Great, sit back and click play....

To stop be getting completely stuck I usually head on over to Pinterest and take a look at what I've been pinning recently. There's usually some sort of theme that I can pick up on which will inspire a new post. As an example I found myself saving a lot of images of paintings, prints and illustrations which lead me to write my "For The Walls" post all about how to buy art for your home. After pinning a lot of 90's inspired outfit photos to my Fashion board I've decided that I'd like to write about my favorite basic clothing pieces that feature 90's styling. So as you can see Pinterest can be a great free tool and a catalyst for inspiration.  

I also pay attention and make notes of things that I've been thinking or talking about recently. This could be something super important like feminism or something light hearted like how much I f**cking adore old musicals. Whatever it is that I'm currently into I make a note and write about it. Listen to your voice and be passionate. A blog can be your own space to talk about things that you love. Remember that you have a unique voice, no matter how saturated the blogging world is. 

Make sure any images that you're using on social media suit the specific requirements. As an example Pinterest images should be in a portrait format in order to stand out, whereas Twitter automatically crops images so they appear landscape. SO ANNOYING, but important for promotion.

Write an engaging yet truthful heading for your posts. No one likes clickbait, if I get pulled in to a post from an interesting title but the content is crap or unrelated to it I am outta there. Again, write about what you love and be honest. I'm sure in no time you'll find yourself with a base of readers that love your opinions. It doesn't hurt to offer helpful advice or free resources too!

My 25 Blog Post Ideas
  1. Day in the life - Talk about your routine or what you like to do on a day off.
  2. Favourite things to do in your town or city - Tell your readers all about your favourite cafes, shops, galleries etc.
  3. Your favorite recipe - What do you like to cook the most? Share the recipe!
  4. Behind the scenes - Share your work area or desk.
  5. Top 10 anything - Films, songs, books, independent stores. Basically talk about anything you love.
  6. Interesting or useful experiences - Could you share something personal that others will benefit from?
  7. Share a room in your house - Tell your readers how you decorated and where you bought your homeware pieces from.
  8. Talk about your goals or hopes for the future - This may also hold you accountable and help you actually do them!
  9. Share your favorite podcasts - This could also work for anything else tec based like apps.
  10. Travel bucket list - Where would you love to visit if you could go anywhere?
  11. Recent holiday - I love reading travel posts, share photos of somewhere you visited the past year.
  12. Life update - Is there something you're working on that you'd like to share?
  13. Self promotion - Maybe you have a product or service you'd like to talk about?
  14. Recent day out - Have you been to a gallery, seen a show, visited somewhere or learnt a new skill?
  15. Free resource or printable - Share something beneficial or fun for your readers to take part in.
  16. List of favourite bloggers - Tell your readers about your favourite fellow bloggers or Instagrammers.
  17. Ask someone to guest post - If you get really stuck simply ask someone if they'd like to write a guest post on your blog.
  18. Feature a creative - do you have a favourite designer, artist, illustrator, musician? Share their work!
  19. Interview someone - Ask someone you admire if they would mind being interviewed for your blog.
  20. Outfit post - Get outside and take some beautiful photographs of your current favourite outfit.
  21. Friday favourites - Write a post featuring your favourite articles or sites from that week.
  22. DIY post - Write up a creative DIY or crafts post.
  23. Your Favourite blogging tools - share the resources you use that make blogging easier.
  24. Trend post - Noticed a trend recently? Write about it and why you love it. 
  25. Share tips - Talk about productivity, organisation, recipe planning - anything!


  1. This video was so useful, thank you so much for posting it Nancy! Lovely little ideas.

  2. I'm *thinking* of starting a blog this year! I'm not really sure where to start though!

    1. Just go for it! Like I say in the video, everyone has a unique voice!

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