How To Decorate A Small Home For Christmas

Simon and I love our flat but it's very small which is unfortunately common in London. We've actually been very spoilt by our flat as it has a lot of lovely features and the most wonderful "hotel" bathroom. We're here to stay for a while at least so we try to make the most of the small space. 

I really enjoy decorating our home at Christmas time and I know that Simon really enjoys how warm and festive the place looks too. Keep reading to learn how I decorate our teeny home and hopefully you'll learn lots of tips and tricks. 

Do What You Love

I definitely don't have a perfect home, it doesn't look immaculately styled, not everything matches and it's not interior magazine worthy but its our home and I love it! I think that's one of the key things to remember when decorating, this time of year is stressful enough without over worrying about making your home perfect.

Choose decorations that make you happy and bring you joy. The festive period is all about having fun and spending time with the ones you love so your space should reflect your interior style and personality.

Small Home Equals Small Decorations

If you have a small space try not to fill it up with large decorative pieces, keep the baubles, Christmas tree, candles and any other decorative elements relatively delicate. Plus, the smaller the decorations the more you can have!

I adore Mid-Century interior style and I tend to gravitate towards slightly 1960's or Scandinavian style decorations that suit the rest of our home. By introducing that teeny bottle brush Christmas tree and a slim gold candle our bar cart looks so much more festive. That area of the flat reflects the 1960's style that I love but in a small scale.

Deck the Halls with Treats

I like to have bowls and glasses full of sweet treats dotted around the living room. Simon popped the candy canes in a rather kitsch 1970's smoked glass vase that I love, which was magically transformed into something very festive looking. I also love the coloured paper packaging that amaretti biscuits come in which automatically look so cheerful.

Your home will instantly look more welcoming if you display special Christmas treats in pretty bowls, they don't take up much room and any piece of furniture will be transformed.

Update your The Kitchen

By updating things you use everyday like tea towels, oven gloves and mugs to something a little more festive your kitchen will also look ready for Christmas. Top tip, TK Maxx and Homesense stock a lot of Christmas homeware and they're discounted too. I bought the "Let it Snow" tea towel from TK Max and the pressed metal decorations were bought by my mum.  I use those decorations in the kitchen every year as they're a little bit too big for our small tree.

Hang Up Garlands

We have a large bookshelf in the living room and I always hang up a jingle bell garland and the colourful felt garland I made about three years ago. These are so pretty and colourful and the sequins add a lot of sparkle to the room. It's such a joy to brush against the bells and here them jingle, it has to be the most magical sound.

This year Simon and I decided to make our own advent calendar. We have 24 paper envelopes and we've both taken turns to fill each one with small gifts for each other. I have the even days and he has the odd, its pretty lovely getting a thoughtful gift every other day. Typical Simon has gone a bit overboard with the gifts so with hindsight I think we should have set a budget!

Purchase Narrow and Delicate Decorations

I spotted this slim acorn garland in John Lewis which I thought was so cute, the acorns are made from cork and there are little touches of gold glitter along the length. It's the perfect thing to run along our bureau in the bedroom and I think it contrasts really well against the blue. We also have another wreath hanging off our bedroom door which makes the space feel more special.

Use What You Got

Many things in our bedroom already look pretty festive so by adding a few more decorations our bookshelves look as though they've been completely styled for the season. If you have a small room like ours I would recommend using any shelf space you may have to hang garlands or decorations. I've popped up a wooden "noel" postcard alongside our bird books, felt rabbit and Rifle Paper Co. calendar that all accidentally look festive!

I also hung up my collection of bottle brush animal ornaments from West Elm and Re Found Objects. I absolutely love those cuties!

Don't Forget The Hall

Last but not least I hung up lots of paper concertina snowflakes in the hallway. We have very low ceilings and that large one is so big we keep hitting our heads off it! I copied this idea from my mum, I have to admit it looks a lot nicer in her Victorian house than our new build though. It's lovely to walk in from the cold and through the hallway underneath them, it feels a bit like a winter wonderland.

I hope you found my tips useful and happy decorating!


  1. Your home looks so so lovely Nancy! Love the bottle brush animals and the advent calendar idea is so thoughtful. x

    1. Thanks Polly! It was a lot of fun finding teeny gifts!