Meet the Makers - Meylor

I've been wanting to share the work of Grace aka Meylor Goods for a while now. We were introduced by a mutual friend at Top Drawer and I instantly fell in love with Grace's sensitive floral illustrations, they remind me of a more feminine version of Quentin Blake's work, which I love. Rather excitingly we're collaborating to design my wedding invites which I am so excited about.

As well as sharing her lovely creations I wanted to know more about Grace's design process and business goals so continue reading to find out more about her work.

What made you want to work with paper?

I have always had a love for luxury and finish; this is strongly reflected in the paper stock that I choose for my products. The lean towards paper as a medium comes from my profession as a graphic designer. Whilst at university, I would be fascinated by the finish and process of any promotional material, from a product catalogue to a coffee table book. I used to visit Shepherds paper shop, at the time it was based in Holborn (now near Victoria). The shop was very oldie worldy, with amazing floor to ceiling old-fashioned dark wooden paper drawers with old stepladders where the shopkeeper would retrieve my order. It was during these visits that I introduced myself to the world of merchants like GF Smith, Fedrigoni and luxurious handmade papers. This exploration made me realise how the finish of the paper reflects the content of what I am designing and these choices would reflect the level of luxury. With my love for anything-high quality, I was over the moon when I was hired straight after university to work as a graphic designer for Burberry in London. After spending four years working on amazing projects from campaigns to the fashion show invites I really cemented my knowledge of luxury. The paper stock is a key component to that process.

What is your favourite part of running your own creative business?

It is an avenue to express your personal creative standpoint. To make your stamp in the creative industry so that other creatives and industry professionals can observe and see your creative identity. I had a longing for my own creative outlet and working for myself, what is more exciting than making an interest or hobby into business and working on your own ideas day to day?

If you could own a brick and mortar shop where would it be and what would it be like?

It would be tricky to choose one place, I have always been torn between country and city life. I feel I would have to have a shop in both locations. I am partially based in South Buckinghamshire; greater west London, it would be amazing to find a location which has a creative hub that would support a  stationery shop a stones throw away from London life.

Have you got any new ranges coming up?

Meylor's Christmas range will be introduced in the coming weeks. Then the second collection will be launched at Top Drawer Spring in January.

Any tips for my readers in case they want to set up a creative business too?

Do spend time thinking about your brand and what you stand for amongst the crowd of the market. How do you want to communicate this across your website, and social channels? When starting a business, there will always be instances you were not expecting. Be aware of the unexpected, and remember to keep striving for your end goal. It is that focus which will keep you pushing forward.

What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?

Advice and feedback is always well received, especially from individuals who have experience and background in their chosen topic. I.e. I am no marketer, and I love hearing advice from experienced individuals about social media and website strategy. I would say the best advice so far is to have patience, for some this may come naturally. However, when you're eager for something to succeed, it's important to remember to keep going and thriving off positive feedback and remember you can't conquer everything overnight.

Thanks to Grace for answering my questions so thoughtfully. I hope you found Grace's work inspirational and enjoyed learning more about her process. Don't forget to visit her website to see more of her gorgeous products.