How To Create a Natural Halloween Display

I love Halloween. Every year I get more and more excited about it, I just wish the UK celebrated it as much as people over in America do. I remember an amazing holiday in Florida when I was little where even the pool man was dressed up (as the Tin Man in 40°C I must add!). In an attempt to avoid the mass produced crap that so many stores peddle us during this time of year I wanted to create a harvest / natural scene for our living room made from lots of foraged greenery, nuts and fruits.

If I can forage in North London you can do it anywhere. I started with the base of three pumpkins, they were actually the only thing I bought to decorate the house with this year. After heading out to my local graveyard, yes really,  I arrived home with armfuls of ivy, conkers, maple leaves and teeny tiny pears. I almost jumped for joy when I saw those cute pears on the ground. I'm sure this goes without saying but only pick things that are either abundant, on the ground already or from your own garden. Never pick things if there's not much available, luckily there was ivy EVERYWHERE.

After placing your larger items down, in my case this was the aforementioned pumpkins, add any candles, spooky accessories or sweet treats around the surface you're working on. I gathered up anything orange or brown that I had in my house. I suppose that coffee pot is a bit random but it's the right colour at least.

I then went on to weave lengths of ivy in between all the various decorative pieces, I made sure the leaves were facing the correct way and kept the smaller ones to the front. I scattered the conkers and mini pears around the edge of the cabinet and then wove in a few maple leaves for more volume and drama. The final touch is to add a few tealights and light the other taller candles. The more the wax melts the creepier the display will look! You could also add in bowls of treats too, which would be especially good in you're hosting a party this weekend.

I also tied together a bunch of the extra ivy and leaves I had to make this door swag. Pretty cute with those felted toadstools, which were a bargain at TK Maxx by the way. Enjoy your halloween and I hope you give this natural display a go!


  1. beautiful display! it's true that you can find a lot of natural decorations in the parcs in the city here as well..

    1. It's a lovely way to spend an afternoon, nothing better than foraging in a local park or wood :)