Exploring Hampstead Heath

At the weekend myself and my lovely friend Freya headed out to Hampstead Heath for a walk. We arrived armed with our Thermos flasks filled with hot vegetable soup and ginger tea to enjoy in the beautiful sunshine. It was the perfect day to don my beautiful new winter boots from Celtic & Co, you really can't go wrong with navy suede.

After chatting and eating our packed lunch we slowly strolled around the Heath looking for the most beautiful early autumn leaves and acorns. Both Freya and I adore this time of year so we were very content spending the whole afternoon wandering around under the trees. We really couldn't have picked a better day to visit. I should go to Hampstead Heath more often and take advantage of the beautiful woodland, whenever it's a sunny day I'll try and go from now on.

I also wore some super comfortable grey marl leggings, a navy blue merino roll neck jumper and chunky wool socks all by Celtic & Co to make sure I was extra cosy for our walk. I'm so happy that I was introduced to Celtic & Co as it's rare to find an affordable yet ethical British brand that actually make clothes I like. I'm such a classic dresser that sometimes it's difficult to find simple staples that will last. Also you may have noticed that I'm still trying to cling onto summer which means that I'm not quite ready to let go of my denim jacket just yet!

After a three and a half hour walk it was time to head home and do some design work, I felt so refreshed and inspired by having the afternoon out it really proved to me how important it is to have time in nature once in a while. Thank you to Freya for talking the wonderful photos of me (have a look at Freya's beautiful papercuts and illustrations here)

Where do you like to go to feel rested and refreshed?


  1. Ahh what a beautiful day you had, the weather looks gorgeous! I love your boots too!

    1. It was really lovely, very lucky with the sunshine!

  2. I love the heath, I think it's my favourite place to go in London.