Getting Back to Basics

I’ve been trying to pare down a curate a simpler wardrobe recently. I’m not at the capsule wardrobe stage just yet, in fact I’m not sure i’ll ever wan’t to be, but I’m really happy with the state of my current collection of sartorial options. 

I recently decided to update my wardrobe and include some more minimalistic and basic choices. Despite working as a freelance pattern designer I rarely wear patterns, unless they’re stripes, so the first thing I did was donate all my patterned tops and trousers. I occasionally wear patterned dresses so I kept a few of the one’s I really loved. I do a wardrobe clear out every few months or so but this time I was really ruthless and I was surprised to see the amount I got rid of. If I didn’t love it or wear it regularly I donated it. 

After the clear out I noticed that I was seriously lacking in some good quality basics. I went into town and headed straight for M&S, not the most fashion forward or cool store but I love their simple items. I bought three t-shits, one white, navy and grey. A pair of comfortable tapered cotton khaki trousers, a navy blue thin cardigan, a black corduroy mini skirt, a white roll neck sweater, a flouncy black mini dress and an aubergine and white striped long sleeved top. All of this came in just over £80 and are sweatshop free. Winning.   

One important think to note, please remember to donate old items, don’t just throw them away. There are people in more need of them than you so either head to your local charity shop, give to those less fortunate or if your clothes are very worn out pop them in a textile recycling bin.

I love mixing and matching my basics and there’s something so satisfying about putting together a classically cool outfit. I adore french style and my ultimate style icon is Jane Berkin, look her up if you’re not aware of her style as she’s seriously cool. Here are my favourite pieces at the moment, I’ve chosen items that I don’t think will go out of style and could be easily mixed and matched with other pieces.

Black pinafore dress by Asos

Simple black strappy sandals by Mango

Wide leg trousers by M.Patmos

Simple shirt by Toast

Tapered trousers by Kit and Ace

Short sleeved jumper by Zara

Flowy midi skirt by Hush 

Simple navy coat from APC

Striped Breton Top by Everlane

Pointed loafers by Jigsaw

Japanese raw denim skinny jeans by Apiece Apart

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  1. I need to do this as well, I have so many tops in my drawer that I never wear! I'm also a stripes and plains kinda person! I love that Zara jumper, such a great colour. x