Top Tips to Find your Perfect Wedding Dress

Wow what a week of wedding planning I've had! Last night I got back to my London flat after visiting my family back home in Newcastle for some much needed family time and wedding chats with my mum. I'm happy to say that we got a lot ticked off my to do list but the best day we had together was our visit to the stunning Kathryn Trueman bridal store.

I really didn't expect to find my wedding dress so quickly but when I tried it on it me like a thunderbolt, it's true when they say "you'll know when it's the one". I hadn't been bridal shopping before and I still can't believe that I found my dress so easily with the minimal amount of fuss. I wanted to share my top wedding dress shopping tips to make your experience simple too. So, if you're looking for your own perfect gown keep reading...

Be Flexible and Open Minded

My mum booked me an appointment with Karen, who was so so lovely and helpful, I couldn't have asked for a nicer lady to help me find my dream dress. The whole team were fantastic but it was Karen and the owner Kathryn who really made me feel so welcome. They suggested that I walk around the whole store and pick out anything that caught my eye, I loved having the freedom to pick out whatever I wanted and I was completely blown away by all the gorgeous dresses on display.

It's important to have a style in mind that you love, I bought a few bridal magazines and searched Pinterest for dresses that jumped out at me. During my research the dresses I picked were all quite similar but I also knew it was important to bear in mind that I might have to be flexible and try on pieces that deviated slightly from my initial "perfect" dress. I picked out around 6-8 dresses most of which fitted my ideas but a few were total wild cards that caught my eye too.

Take People to Your Fitting that You Respect

Along with my mum, my honorary Aunty and an old family friend came along too. The three of them have been close for years and they've watched me grow up so it was lovely having them all there. The four of us all had slightly different tastes but ultimately they respected my decisions, together we all picked out dresses that we loved. It was hilarious hearing them get all excited whilst I was in the changing room, I could tell they were rushing around the shop picking out new dresses for me to try.

Wedding dress shopping is something you should do with your nearest and dearest but it's also important to remember that it is your wedding day and the ultimate choice is yours to make. I'm a very decisive person so it was easy for me to ignore them if I didn't agree!

Have a Budget in Mind

I picked out a variety of dresses in a range of prices but I knew what my ideal price would be, luckily I actually fell in love with the cheapest dress, which is very unlike me. I imagine it would be pretty heartbreaking and frustrating to try on and adore a dress that is out of your budget, it's so important not to go overboard and stick to what you're comfortable with.

Remember that you will probably also need to buy wedding shoes, a veil, jewellery and other accessories so keep some of that budget aside for those pieces too. The stunning shoes above are what I opted for and I absolutely adore them, when I got home I kept taking them out of the box to have a dance around my bedroom. They remind me of something Ginger Rogers would have worn. In case you're wondering they're by Emmy and they're called the Ella Gold.

Don't Try On Too Many Dresses

I took around 8 dresses into the changing room with me, it's very tempting to grab lots of options just for fun but you may end up feeling overwhelmed. When I walked into Kathryn Trueman I was greeted my rails and rails of stunning gowns. I wanted to try them all on but I knew I that I only had a limited time with my appointment so I made sure to select the few that really jumped out at me.

If you're not completely sure what you're looking for don't be shy to ask for help. It may be useful to know your size and wear underwear and shoes that are wedding dress appropriate, this will ensure that you maximise your time and also ensure that the dresses actually fit properly. Once I chose my dress and paid for it we had another look around the store at even more beautiful gowns. This second browse was so fun, there was no pressure compared to my first look round as I had already found my dream dress.

Find out What Suits You

If you're unsure about what colours or silhouettes suit you don't be afraid to ask for advice. The shop assistants want to help you find your perfect dress so if you get a little stuck just ask them! As a start there are so many types of white, diamond white and light, medium, and dark ivory not to mention all the other colour options. I opted for a medium ivory as it complemented my dark hair, eyes and olive skin tone.

I also knew that I wanted a gentle a-line or mermaid fit and I definitely wanted sleeves of some description as I'm getting married in a Scottish castle which can be quite chilly. Take cues from your venue, the season and the time of day you're getting married to help narrow down your dress style. I opted for a Edwardian / 1920's silhouette that also has touches of traditional elements which I think really suits the venue and of course my personal style.

Start Searching Early

I have been constantly surprised at how early things have to be planned, of course there are exceptions to this but as I'm having a relatively traditional wedding things get booked up super fast. I wasn't anticipating finding my dress so early or quickly but I've found it's really helped set the tone for the rest of the day. When I tried my dress on I turned and said to my mum that nothing else matters now that I'm marrying Simon in a dress that I feel beautiful in. I know that sounds really soppy but I honestly feel so more relaxed about the wedding now I have both my man and my dress.

Typically you should begin looking for your dress around the 9 months to go mark, this gives lots of time for multiple shop visits and fittings. 

Think About Accessories

You will need to arrive to your fitting with suitable underwear, I wore a nude strapless bra and seamless nude knickers. I also wore a pair of white shoes which are the perfect height for me. I'm quite tall and I knew I didn't want really high shoes, I also want to be able to dance all night! Karen also provided me with a pair of stunning Emmy shoes to try on with my dresses which were so comfortable and pretty I ended up buying them.
One the veil was added I completely lost it, I'm getting all choked up thinking about it again now (I'm an emotional wreck these days) the veil was the perfect finishing touch and I really felt like a bride. Veils aren't for everyone but I would suggest trying one just to see how you feel. Simon and I are actually going to have two weddings, one in London and one in Scotland. For London I'm going to go for a completely different outfit, a white suit à la Bianca Jagger with a bird cage veil. What can I say, I love veils. 

If you live in the North East I would highly recommend a visit to Kathryn Trueman, I think everyone would struggle to not fall in love with one of their dresses! Best of luck with your shopping.

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  1. All the dresses are just so pretty! I don't know how you're meant to choose!