Crafting with Viking

Before I headed off to France on my jolly holiday I spent an afternoon crafting with lots of other lovely bloggers. I'm a very creative person and I love attending craft workshops so when Viking invited me along for a day filled with French pastries, making and chatting to like minded creatives I jumped at the chance.

We were all taught three really useful and relaxing skills including block printing, calligraphy and mindful origami. As I work pattern designer I skipped the block printing to focus on wandering around the room to snap some pictures of everyone else working on their projects.

Last Summer I went to a calligraphy class and it was so great to have a little refresher course with Viking. I think I'll have to keep practicing so that I can hand letter the place cards for my wedding and maybe even try my hand at calligraphed addresses for the invites. 

The mindful origami workshop was so lovely, and as someone that practices positive thinking and meditation it was a perfect class for me. Transforming a flat square of paper into a hand crafted 3D object is very satisfying and I found myself naturally meditating without realising. 

Thanks so much to Viking for inviting me along to such a fun event, it was wonderful to have an opportunity leave my studio and be creative for fun rather than work. 

The block printing class was run by Tea and Crafting, the calligraphy workshop was run by A L'aise and the mindful origami was run by Mindfoldness. All three tutors regularly run classes so check out their websites for details. 


  1. What a lovely afternoon! I've always wanted to learn hand lettering. P

  2. I never would have thought to go to Viking for craft supplies but it looks as though they had some great workshops going on.

    1. Hi, they sell a small range of craft supplies so next time you're in there take a look :)