The Simple Things

I use to do round up posts like these all the time and I really miss putting them together. This one is all about simplicity.

I was looking at my Pinterest boards the other day and it really struck me how simple the images I've collected are. This has affirmed my belief that classic and un-fussy design ticks all the boxes for me. I have an accidental capsule wardrobe, I prefer to cook simple meals, my happy place is laying on a hill in the sun somewhere and I'll always choose reading a book with a cuppa over a crazy night out. Simple is best.

Nursery interior via Paige Jones

DIY plant stand via A Beautiful Mess

Beautiful clothes by Paloma Wool

Borzoi (Russian Wolf Hound) print by Wolf Jaw Press

Calm pink bedroom via Avenue Lifestyle

Perfect perfect perfect via  Historias de Casa

Noodle illustration by Ilaria

Pinafore dress by Toast

Gold sconce by Anthropologie

Book cover designs by Kajsa KlaesĂ©n

Spring Wardrobe via Naina Singla

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