Meet The Maker - Rosie Drake-Knight

Today for I want to introduce you to Rosie Drake-Knight (totally badass surname am I right?) who designs gorgeous leather accessories. I was immediately drawn to Rosie's use of pattern and colour in her collections, as a pattern designer it's always great to see hand drawn prints being used creatively.

Rosie is actually kindly offering you all a 10% discount with code ‘NANCY10’ for the new collection so get shopping! Without further ado I will leave you to read the interview. Enjoy!

What made you want to work with leather?

I have always enjoyed the sensory element of leather Рthe way it feels, smells and looks. Whilst doing my degree I dabbled in leatherwork, but during my final major project I jumped in at the deep end and started to experiment with screen print, appliqu̩ and construction.

Once I graduated I took around a year to really find my feet with the material. I’ve stripped back a lot of the technical elements to my work and focused more on the product and the surface pattern, than the complexities of embellishment. This was a really difficult road to go down as it felt like I was stepping backwards, but I knew it was for the right reasons and I’m really happy with my new collection.

What is your favorite part of running your own creative business?

I love the satisfaction of packing orders! Carefully wrapping products that I have made, from concept to finished item, and then stacking them up to be posted is such a fulfilling moment. I’m so grateful for the support from my customers, after all, they allow me to do the thing I love the most, make!

If you could own a brick and mortar shop where would it be and what would it be like?

Oh the dream! I’m from the Isle of Wight and would one day love to move back there to be near to my family. I have always had my eye on the most beautiful victorian shop just a stones throw from the church I got married in. It has a glossy forest green tiled front with original curved glass windows and a bell above the door. I imagine it full of plants, teak furniture and music… oh and lots of leather of course!

Have you got any new ranges coming up?

My new collection launches on June 17th! It takes me a good 6 months to design and make for a new collection so as soon as I release it, ideas will start to brew for my winter range. I’m really excited to release the summer collection as the creative campaign that accompanies it includes moving image and a location shoot. I have used both of these styled promotional methods in campaigns for my other business, Native Makers, but never for my freelance work. I try to listen to my customers and this new range carries forward some of the favourites, but with a fresh twist! 

Any tips for my readers in case they want to set up a creative business too?

Be organised, take the ‘business’ part seriously. Wear Pjs to work. Try it, Don’t waste time thinking about it. Get cracking, make a mess. Paint, draw, stitch, cut, stick. Have fun! After all, why are you working for yourself?

What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?

My mum was a wise woman. She always told me to ‘Do what makes you happy’. Life is too short to sit around waiting for the good stuff. Make the good stuff happen!

Thanks so much Rosie!

Don't forget to have a look at Rosie's lovely work here as her new collection has just landed.


  1. Ahhh I love her stuff, I follow her on instagram and her bags are just gorgeous!

  2. I really like her leather duffle bags, really nice touch to use wooden blocks with the ties.