Getting Engaged in Budapest

On Tuesday evening I returned from a whirlwind long weekend away in Budapest with Simon, it was such a lovely little break away which was made even more memorable because Simon asked me to marry him! As soon as we had arrived in Budapest and unpacked Simon got down on one knee and proposed to me in our little apartment.

I'm getting a little teary eyed thinking about it again (I cry at everything).

It was the most perfect moment and I wouldn't have changed the way he planned it for the world. It was very relaxed, private and unostentatious. After I said yes and many minutes of crying we went out to lunch to one of my favorite spots to eat in the city, Central Cafe.

I wasn't actually planning to blog about our little trip but I wanted to share this milestone with you. Simon had worked with jewellery designer Gee Woods to create the most perfect engagement ring and quiet a few of our friends and family members had known about his plan for months and managed to keep it a secret.

 If you'd like to read my in depth Budapest City Guide you can find it here. But for now here are a few photos from our wonderful weekend.

I'll be posting various wedding themed posts over the next few months, we'll hopefully be getting married late Summer next year so keep checking back if you're interested to see us pull it all together!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! You must be so excited. Budapest looks so pretty too!

  2. Congratulations. A lovely surprise, I can't believe friends and family knew and kept it a secret. I'd be useless. The ring is beautiful. Happy wedding planning.

  3. The bridal diamonds ring looks so beautiful. I can't wait to get a ring like that. It was such a nice ring. Thank you so much and keep posting things like this.