Interior Trend- Handwoven Textiles

I've always loved textiles, well I am a textile designer after all, but since visiting Turkey every year for an annual family get away the beautiful world of woven fabrics has been opened up to me. The bold colours and geometric patterns seen in the kilims and cushions over there really inspire me and I've brought back a few momentos from carpet shops over the years.

I've noticed recently that there is a huge trend for handwoven textiles and I thought I'd share my favourite brands and products in a round up post. Let me know in the comments if you're a fabric lover like me, now for the woven delights...

Cushions by Minna Goods

Tea Towel from Leif

Wall Hangings by Native Line

Throw by Nido

Rug from Oyyo

Basket by Citizen London

Wall Hanging by Wool Plus Wood

Rug by Pampa

Blanket from Decorators Notebook

Ok so these shoes by Ten and Co. aren't exactly homeware but I have a pair that I bought from Turkey and I love them so much I had to include something similar.

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  1. Love adding textiles to a room to add warmth and these are all lovely! #HomeEtc

  2. This is great Nancy, I'm a big fan of texture in the home. I LOVE that basket by Citizen London! #homeetc

  3. I love the textures and colours of these textiles. I am a huge fabric fan and am considering adding some wall hangings or quilts into our lounge. #homeetc

  4. My favourites here would be the cushions by Minna Goods and the striped basket. It is fab!

  5. I have a thing about blankets and handmade ones are definitely the best! Which reminds me that it might be time to go and buy some more yarn... #HomeEtc

  6. Gorgeous - loving the throw/blanket towards the end -but most I love that basket.

  7. Aaah you can't beat a handwoven blanket. We have a couple of beautiful woollen Welsh blankets that we really treasure. The patterns on them are so beautiful. Thanks for linking up #HomeEtc

  8. There is something so warming to the soul about handwoven textiles, I certainly crave a blanket, I think that shall be my treat to myself after reading this post xx

  9. Oh how lovely!!!!!! :) I adore all this kind of thing, right up my street!! Thanks for linking up. Jess xx


  10. I can see why you are drawn to them especially if you are a textile designer after all. I particularly like the basket and would use it over and over again!! Thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you again next week x