Etsy Made Local - London Pop Up

Did any of you London dwellers make it down to the Etsy Made Local event last weekend? I popped over on Friday evening and whipped around all the sellers before the event closed for the day. I chatted with the Etsy team, who are seriously lovely people FYI, and I shopped around for some christmas gifts too.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the preview event for the press and blogging community. Geo-Fleur, one of my favourite Etsy sellers, was seriously generous and gifted a gorgeous succulent and concrete planter in the press goodie bags. I love their products and I'd love it if you could go and support their kickstarter campaign like I have. Some of my other favourite sellers included SkandihomeArticle and Hopscotch so check those guys out too.

If you didn't have the opportunity to go to the the pop up you can shop from all the sellers included over on Etsy right from your sofa. Stress free Christmas shopping as it should be.

Photos of the event by Yeshen Venema

Oh also, the Etsy Christmas images are so inspiring I had to include those too...


  1. Aah what an absolutely fabulous event to go along to! I always love meeting other designers and makers — it's so inspiring seeing other peoples hard work in the flesh. Also being able to chat and bounce ideas off other like minded people is such a treat. Love their Christmas images — especially the cocktail one!

    1. Thanks Caro! It was wonderful, sometimes I feel very lucky to be living in London so I can go to things like this :)