Four Days in Budapest

Budapest was one of the most beautiful places I've visited. I was actually really pleasantly surprised by how picturesque it was as I had chosen the city randomly as a place to visit with my mum, I had no expectations but had been told by a few people that it makes for a great city break. We had such a lovely time there, the food was amazing, it was very difficult to spend money as everything was so inexpensive, and the architecture was stunning. Keep reading to find out what we did...

On the first day we headed out to explore what was near our apartment, we were staying in a teeny chapel and it was so beautiful. We were staying about a 30 second walk away from the food market, you have to visit it if you're a foodie like me.

We walked over the bridge nearest the market (you can just about see the roof on this photo) and booked an afternoon trip to the mind blowingly beautiful Gellert Baths for the next day. We ate at the very old school Central Cafe that night which was just around the corner from our apartment, the food and service was excellent. It felt a little touristy but I can forgive that as the goulash was the best I've ever had.

The second day of our trip we explored the Jewish Quarter which definitely felt like the cool end of town. There were some great looking cafes and ruin bars but we headed straight for Bors GasztroB√°r on Kazinczy Street. I had read all over the internet about how good the soup was there and it's ranked as the 2nd best place to eat in Budapest. Lets just say the food more than lived up to our expectations and at £2 for a huge sandwich and soup we went back for more the next day.

Kazinczy Street Synagogue looked so beautiful, I love the pastel coloured tones in the brickwork. We then hopped over to the Royal Opera House and had a tour around the building which was absolutely amazing, just look at the guildwork and the royal box. Even the metro station there was posh. Dreamy.

We also had a great time enjoying one of Budapest's thermal baths, I'm sure they're all wonderful but we chose the Gellert Baths as they looked the best for what we were after. I would highly recommend visiting one of the baths if you go to Budapest as it was such a relaxing afternoon, a perfect break from the city. I was blown away at how pretty each room was, the further we explored the more ornate each pool became.

We also wanted to walk around the main park taking in the beautiful buildings and also had a look around the flea market. The park was really lovely but I was a little disappointed by the market so I'd give that a miss if I were you.

That afternoon we headed up to castle hill were a lot of the museums and historic buildings are. It was stunning but we couldn't find a decent place to have lunch! Let me know if you've eaten somewhere good there. There were wonderful views across the Danube river and Matthias Church was one of the most beautiful building's I've ever seen.

We had heard that Ruszwurm was a great little traditional tea room so we filled up with cake and I had a very indulgent cinnamon hot chocolate. Throughout the whole trip I was really surprised at how delicious the food was, Ruszwurm and Central Cafe in particular are great places for cake.

Castle hill was a great place for taking in the views and beautiful buildings but I much preferred walking around the Jewish district for a more real and down to earth insight into Budapest life.

On the last day after some shopping we had an amazing dinner at Costes, one of the michelin star restaurants in the city. We splashed out and enjoyed a seven course dinner, it was totally worth it. The sommelier also recommend some delicious local wine. It sounds very indulgent but our whole dinner including Prosecco, wine, tea and the seven courses was the same price for a two course dinner in London. The food was so good I ate the amuse bouche and dessert without taking any photos!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip and maybe you'll also visit Budapest one day too. Simon and I are planning on heading back for a weekend to celebrate our anniversary in the Summer and I can't wait.


  1. Budapest looks so pretty, and the food at Costes looks absolutely incredible!

    1. Its one of the prettiest cities I've ever been to!