The Best Cafes in London

I love coffee and I relish finding a perfect cup when I'm out and about in London. I don't drink it every day as I'm so lazy in the mornings that grinding the beans and setting up the stove top espresso maker is just too much for me to handle. My boyfriend Simon is a big coffee drinker too and he has his own morning ritual and very specific coffee gear. As his better half quite frankly can't be arsed with the faff of making coffee I've made a list of the best cafes in London that I frequently visit.

Hopefully there's one near you in this list, the only area I haven't really explored is West London as I don't really go there much. If you have an excellent West London cafe that you'd like to suggest please do. Enjoy!

Esters - based in Stoke Newington and just a stones throw away from my flat. The coffees are strong and the food very fresh and delicious.  I've been for lunch a few times and everything is always perfect. They also sell St John doughnuts. Win.

Fabrique - a relatively new addition to Haggerston. Sitting near the huge ovens in this super cool East London spot almost tricks you into thinking you're in Sweden. They don't do tea incredibly well (milk before the tea bag? Hell no) but their coffees, breads and cinnamon buns are amazing so i'll forgive them.

Daily Goods - Simon and I are hoping to move to somewhere near Daily Goods in Camberwell,  I'm sure if we do that I'll be popping in on the regular. Great service, great grilled cheese sarnies. I have coffee but they also have a great selection of other drinks.

St David - based in Forest Hill, I love how it's around the corner from my day job studio. Wonderful service and custard tarts, I also really like the Mid Century decor and the beautiful plants they have outside.

Prufrock - a great place to meet friends as its in a pretty handy location in between Farringdon and Chancery Lane. The food is really good and the space is huge so you'll always get a seat. They also sell fantastic coffee making equipment.

Cafe Viva - based in the marvellous Pekham and owned my my equally marvellous friend Lily. Viva is a great little cafe tucked away on a quiet street and serves up warming food and coffees in Mid Century crockery. They are going to be opening up in the evenings for suppers soon too.


  1. These all look so great, I heaven't heard of most of them so i'll definitely be checking them all out soon!

    1. Glad you've found some new places for a caffeine fix!

  2. Those cinnamon buns! Can't wait to check out the South London ones as that's where I work too!

    1. South East London is a great area for foodies!