My Top Six Candles

Burning a candle always feels so luxurious to me, it the ritual creates a calming effect and delicately scented ones that compliment your home and your personality can add a lot to your space. These are my top six, I definitely have specific taste when it comes to scent so you might want to buy a different fragrance. Personally, depending on what mood I'm in I love smokey amber or light florals. The good thing is that these candles are unified by great quality. A few of them are also very inexpensive too.


  1. I have never tried some of these, but thanks for sharing. I have always wanted a Jo Malone candle for Christmas *hints to family!*. Jess x

    1. The Jo Malone ones are pricey but the scent lasts for so long, you only need to have it lit for 30 mins to have your whole house smelling lovely!