Egg Decorating Ideas

I've collected my favourite Easter egg decoration ideas for you all. Perfect if you have some excited chocolate fuelled kiddies to entertain or you want your house to look festive for any guests arriving. I'm off for an Easter lunch and walk tomorrow with a bunch of friends so I may have to try all of these out and give them as wee Spring presents.

Let nature do the work. Apply egg white to the back of a leaf or sprig with a tiny paintbrush before dyeing to create natural silhouettes.

In my opinion, the only thing better than a monogrammed egg is a monogrammed egg coated with glitter. Use a glue pen and glitter or embossing powder to create this classic designs

Create gradient designs by using a wax-dipping technique. In this technique, wax is applied to the egg with a paint brush. The egg is then dipped in colored dyes. When the wax is melted off, it reveals all the colours beneath.

Masking means making a barrier on the egg so the dye can't get through. Do this with tape, lace, rubber bands, and other materials. When you remove them, you'll reveal the design.

Dip the sponge into watered-down acrylic paint, and dab the egg randomly. Start with light shades and layer on darker colours.

Images via Martha Stewart

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