Small Pleasures

Are you in need of a pick me up today? Just in case you're feeling a little blue or you know someone else who is I've put together a list of treats that will definitely brighten up any day.

1. Its proven that red tones brighten and energise you. I always find that a pop of red lipstick improves my mood immensely, its hard to feel down if you're wearing a vibrant colour. Plus sometimes its just fun to play around with makeup when you're not feeling too great.

2. New stationery always cheers me up, perhaps its the organisational freak inside me. I find writing a list so calming, try writing down what you'd like to achieve this month and you'll feel so satisfied checking them off.

3. A spritz of my favourite perfume reminds me of the things I should be most happy about. Simon bought me my signature scent, Joy by Jean Patou. It reminds me of our first Christmas together and I always wear it when we go out so it has some very positive connotations.

4. Treating yourself to a small edible indulgence will improve your mood, just don't go so far that you'll feel guilty afterwards! If you live in London I recommend popping down to Violet Cakes in London Fields. They make the best cupcakes and the cafe is filled to the brim with delicious treats.

5. Photos of family and friends. Pretty self explanatory but its nice to look through memories and adventures with whoever is important to you.

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