How to Make a Wreath

Back in November I made and styled four Christmas Craft projects for the Guardian. My favourite item that I made for the shoot was the traditional wreath.  The whole article was featured in last Saturday's paper and just in case if you didn't buy a copy I have re-created how to make the wreath here on my blog.

It was such a fun project and very inexpensive as it relies on you to go gathering for most of the materials. By adding in dried oranges, bay leaves and cranberries you also have the satisfaction of your home smelling lovely as you make it too. Carry on reading to find out how to create this gorgeous wreath.

Things to gather:

Ivy or Holly
Bay leaves


Wreath form
24 gauge wire
Dried orange slices
Cinnamon Sticks

To begin the basic design of your wreath take a look at everything you have and plan where you'd like to place them. I really recommend thinking of your wreath like a clock face and focus on placing your decorative supplies at 12, 3, 6 and 9 to ensure even distribution. I started with bunches of cinnamon sticks tied with raffia and orange slices alternately around the wreath, I then added the pinecones and filled any gaps with berries and greenery.

 Before you start to attach anything to your wreath make sure you've got a clear idea where you'd like to place everything. Wrap wire discreetly onto your various decorative objects and foliage and overlap every time you place something down to hide any wire that may be showing. Using ivy and holly to hide the wire works well too. I pierced the orange slices and berries with the wire and simply wrapped wire around the cinnamon sticks before using the raffia to make the bundles look extra festive and pretty.

Its a simple case of building up slowly and ensuring that you hide any wire ( or glue if you are using ) to make the wreath look as natural as possible. Once you are happy with your wreath simply tie a bunch of raffia in a bow and leave a long tail to attach to your door.



  1. Nancy how funny, I just posted a blog post this morning on making a homemade wreath too. And I saw your article in the Guardian this past weekend - so exciting, congrats. My Mum pointed out your name to me :) x

    1. I literally JUST THIS SECOND commented on your wreath post saying the same thing! I'm addicted to wreath making. Thanks, the Guardian thing was so fun :)