Handmade Christmas - Natural Soap

 My second project in my Handmade Christmas series is this very easy natural soap recipe. I've always wanted to try my hand at making soap as I love making other bath time products like body scrubs and bath oils plus it’s a fun afternoon project you could do with a pal. You could easily add different scents and exfoliating ingredients for each of your friends making perfect personal gifts.

What you need:

Mould - I used a cleaned out juice carton
Soap Base - I used a shea butter one
Essential oils - I used Spruce, Rosemary and Mandarin
Exfoliant - I used Rosemary
Rhassoul Clay - you can skip this but clay helps to soften skin and gives a deep cleanse, drawing out dirt and impurities

Cut your soap base into cubes and slowly melt on a low heat until melted. Use an old pot that you don't cook with otherwise you'll have to do a lot of scrubbing! My soap base took a long time to melt as I wanted to make a lot of finished soaps, so be patient. Using a metal spoon, so its easier to clean, stir continuously so your soap doesn't burn at the bottom of your pan. 

Once your soap is melted take it off the heat and add your oils. As I was making a lot of soap I added a total of 20 drops. Please make sure you buy cosmetic grade oils that are safe to be applied to the skin. As a rule always buy the most expensive essential oils you can afford. 

If using an exfoliant add that now or you can sprinkle on the top of your soap as its setting in your mould. I wanted my rosemary to be evenly dispersed so I stirred it in the melted soap. I finally added in the Rhassoul clay and poured my soap into a clean orange juice container. 

The next day I cut open the mould and cut the soap into chunky slices. I used my soap this morning and it smells amazing, plus the shea butter makes its very moisturising. 


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