Handmade Christmas - Simple Brass Necklaces

This year I have set myself the very daunting task of making all of this year's Christmas presents. By January my year long high street shopping ban will be over so I thought I'd finish with a bang. Handmade presents for everyone!

If you too would like to be a little more creative this year I have a series of posts to help you out. This first project is so simple but very stylish. Here's how to make Brass Charm Necklaces.

 You Will Need:

Geometric Brass Charms ( I bought mine from Etsy)
Waxed fabric cord or leather cord

Begin by cutting a length of cord that will easily slip over your head. Attach your charm to the cord by using a loop knot as seen in the photo below. Pull tight.

You will then need to create a sliding knot using both ends of the cord. Take the strand of one side and tie it around the other strand of the other side in a simple knot, repeat to the other side. Your necklace will now be adjustable. This may sound confusing but its very easy, try find a video tutorial if you get stuck.

 If you don't need your necklace to be adjustable you can tie whatever knot you like. These easy necklaces only take a few minutes to make and look very chic, you could spend half an hour making them and have enough for all of your friends. Good luck!


  1. These look great! would you share the shop you got the charms from?

    1. Hi Sarah, I got mine from Etsy but I can't remember where. However these look very similar. N https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Doachia?ref=l2-shop-info-name