DIY Wire Cat Ears

I wanted to whip up a super quick cute accessory today for work as I was teaching a group of children a few Halloween crafts. I ended up making these super delicate and quite chic looking cat ears. I paired them with a leopard print dress and some winged eyeliner - outfit in 15 minutes flat.

My hairband went down so well that I gave it to one of my little students!

What You Need:

Jewellery Wire
Metal hair band

Choose the shape and size of the ears you would like to create. I went for cat ears but I think bunny ears would be so sweet too!

Using the wire, shape your ears. This can be quite rough as jewellery wire is so fine its very easy to mould so don't worry if its wonky. Double up the shape, I used two triangle shapes per ear to make them a little stronger.

To attach your ears to the hairband start winding a length of wire around 30cm around the base of each triangle connecting it to the hairband as you wind.

Thicken up your ear shapes by neatly winding the wire around the sides up to the point and down the other side. You can easily trim any excess wire with scissors.

Rock your ears!

A quick silly photo before the kids came in!

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