A Spooky Day Out in London

Yesterday Simon and I travelled into the centre of London to have a wander and also visit a few galleries. I was pretty excited as both the exhibits we went to see had gothic themes, as such a big fan of Halloween and horror in general I couldn't wait.

The beautiful architecture of the British Library

My favourite print from the exhibit at the British Library

Our fist stop was the British Library to see the Terror and Wonder: The Gothic Imagination exhibition. That morning we had watched the new BBC series all about the history of Gothic art so we were ready! I'd never actually been to the British Library and as Simon used to study there he gave me a guided tour. The show was excellent and I recommend it if you're a fan of Gothic literature, architecture and films.

Perfect Autumnal leaves

Slightly windswept but still enjoying the pretty buildings near Russell Square

It was a freezing day so I picked up a Pumpkin Spiced Latte from Starbucks ( my first of the season, so proud) then we walked to Abeno on Museum Street as I was craving Japanese food, we both enjoyed some delicious Okonomiyaki. Not very spooky but still good! After lunch we headed to the British Museum to go see the Witches and Wicked Bodies exhibit which was less varied than the Gothic exhibition as it was mainly prints. However I would still suggest going as the collection of art was impressive, plus it was free. We also managed a sneaky look at the mummies before the Museum closed for the day!

I highly recommend the Qail's Egg and Mushroom Okonomiyaki

Simon at the Witches and Wicked Bodies exhibition

Maltesers blondie and coffee

We got caught in the rain in Seven Dials (possibly the most romantic area of London when its raining) so headed to Timberyard for a coffee and cake. The coffee was really good but the blondie we shared is nothing compared to the ones at Violet Cakes on Wilton Way. After the rain had stopped we headed home, I made some dinner and we watched The Blood on Satan's Claw a kinda funny (not on purpose) kinda creepy film made in the 70's about a coven of teenage devil worshipers.

What do you have planned this Halloween? What ever you're doing I hope its fantastic.

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