My Top Five Smoothie Recipes

I just bought myself a Breville Blend Active blender as I have been really desperate to try making my own smoothies for breakfast. So far I'm addicted.

I've only had it a few days but I am really enjoying trying out different combinations of fruits and flavours to get the most out of my mornings. I feel fuller and more energised and I really look forward to making my fresh smoothie everyday. I bought a gorgeous melon yesterday and I cant wait to try that out with some flat Spanish peaches!

I bought this particular blender because I was looking for an inexpensive yet powerful tool that I would be able to use for many different sweet and savoury recipes. Plus it fits it onto my small kitchen cupboards!

Ive found that I am eating so much fruit without even really thinking about it. Smoothies are so delicious and nutritious, it feels like a real treat. Here are my top five smoothie recipes:

Zingy Green Apple, Grape and Spinach with Linseeds

1 Apple cut into cubes
2 Bananas cut into slices
A handful of white grapes
A handful of spinach
A tablespoon of Linseeds
4 dates

This one is quite thick so I added some water into the mix too. I enjoyed this smoothie this morning and the sharp green apple really woke me up!

Creamy Banana and Almond with Oats

2 Bananas cut into slices
A tablespoon of Almond Butter
A tablespoon of Oats
A splash of Almond Milk

Deliciously creamy and indulgent, tastes like a treat! The oats and the almond butter will keep you feeling full for longer too.

Peach and Strawberry with Yoghurt and Honey

1 banana
2 peaches
A handful of strawberries
A tablespoon of natural yoghurt
A squeeze of honey

This one is perfect if you feel like a Summery hint of sweetness. Peaches are a wonderful fruit filled with vitamins A and C as well as lots of fibre to keep you full.

Fiery Pear, Apple and Ginger

2 Pears chopped
2 Apples cut into cubes
A teaspoon of grated fresh ginger

This smoothie makes a great Autumnal breakfast when you might be feeling a little sluggish. The ginger will calm and soothe your digestive system, perfect for the morning time.

Berry Super Smoothie

A handful of blueberries
A handful of frozen forest berries
1 banana
Fresh orange juice

This one tastes like Summer in a glass! I love using frozen mixed berries as they make the smoothie really nice and cool. Blueberries are a wonderful fruit and do wonders for your skin as they contain the highest number of anti-oxidants.

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