How to Make Healthier Iced Tea

Its been a really hot few days here in London. Getting the tube into work has been a nightmare, a sweaty nightmare. I've been craving cold refreshing drinks all week but they are full of sugar. I whipped up this iced tea today in no time at all and boy is it good.

This has a bit of a twist as I used organic honey for the sweetener which tastes so nice with the lemons. The taste reminds me of hot lemon and honey that you drink when you feel ill, its so comforting. I hope you enjoy this super simple recipe and feel refreshed.

What you need:

Organic Honey
English Breakfast Tea Bags
Three Lemons

In a large tea pot cover four or five tea bags with boiling water, we will be adding cold water later so you need to make the tea strong. Fill up most of the tea pot

After brewing for five minutes add two table spoons of honey.  Let the tea cool down to room temperature. Pop the tea pot in your freezer for about half an hour.

Once your tea is nice and cold squeeze the juice of three lemons, you could also add some zest if you want your tea to be really lemony. Give it a good stir and check the flavour is good for you. You will need to top the tea with cold water, if you like weak tea just add more water. You should have enough for 10-12 glasses.

This recipe is a lot cheaper and healthier than the iced tea you buy from supermarkets and I don't think you'll go back!

Try out making this with different types of tea, I think Earl grey would be amazing.

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