Leather Necklace DIY

I recently saw some very cute leather necklaces on Etsy and thought I would try and make my own. It turned out to be so simple so I thought I would write up a DIY on how to make one. These necklaces make very inexpensive gifts as you can use leather scraps to make them and you don't need any specialist jewelry making equipment.

What you need:

Scissors or Craft Knife
Leather Scraps ( free samples available online)
Old Necklace
Super Glue
Pen or Pencil

First begin by picking your design. Keep things simple if its your first go as cutting leather can be tricky. I wear a lot of striped outfits and I love nautical themes so I went for a little sail boat, plus its a perfect motif for Summer!

Sketch out your design on your leather using a pen or pencil, if using multiple pieces draw out the individual parts of your design and make sure they will fit together.

Using scissors or a craft knife if its easier cut out all your pieces, take care as leather tends to move around a bit!

Using super glue or leather glue stick the pieces together until you have your finished design, let dry and apply a generous amount of glue to the back where you will stick your necklace to the leather. If you would prefer to buy chain instead of using a ready made necklace you will also need to buy fastenings and attach those to the chain using pliers.

Leave to dry for a few hours or follow the suggested drying times on the glue packet, then your necklace is ready to wear! You could also make earrings or bracelets.

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