DIY Paper Rosette Decorations

I keep seeing paper rosettes and medallions all over the place, in shop displays, magazines and pinterest so I decided to make some. I love how cheery they are!

These decorations are perfect for adding a touch of fun and colour to any occasion, or make them just for fun! These are pretty mini but I'd really love to make some huge white ones for Christmas. They are really simple and inexpensive to make, you just need paper, scissors and a needle and thread. I found some great templates over at the wonderful blog Minieco here.

What you need:


Print off the templates and using scissors or a craft knife if you would prefer cut out the shapes. Use the needle to prick holes using the guide dots.

Fold your cut out template like a concertina and cut a piece of thread around twice the length of the template. Thread your needle and thread through all the holes missing out the first and last hole.

Glue the flap to the end of the template. Pull the thread as tight as you can without damaging the paper, this is a little tricky as the rosette will want to spring upwards. Tie off the thread, when tying the thread the rosette may want to keep springing up but have patience and keep flat!

Hang up around you home, or you could make a garland!


  1. these are v.cute. Thanks for the template link, might have to make a few of these for the summer!