Made by Hand by Lena Corwin

Today I bought three great books but the one that really got me excited is Made by Hand by Lena Corwin. I have used Lena's other book called Printing by Hand pretty much everyday since graduating university, it is a fantastic book and if you're interested in printmaking you should definitely buy it. I have no idea why it has taken me this long to pick up a copy of her newest book, I finally did and it is so so great.

The contributors featured in the book are some of my favorite designers and creatives, including Jenny Gordy, Ilana Kohn and Erin Considine. I want to make every single project that is featured, and that is big props from me as I'm a bit of a craft snob. Thank god its not another floral, girly girl Cath Kidston publication! Instead it offers up refreshing, young and cool craft that anyone can make. Below are my favorite projects with designer links.


  1. Ooh, some fantastic projects in there!
    Might have to grab a copy.

    Rosie x