Block Print Notebook DIY

Here is a super quick project for you to try at home. I took the snaps on my phone as I was feeling lazy so I'm sorry if they look a bit ropey, proper camera from now on!

Don't forget that I am teaching a fabric block printing class at Smug in Islington on the 16th of March. We will be using proper professional materials and tools (unlike this easy DIY!) The ticket price is £35, an absolute bargain considering what you end up with! Tickets are available here.

You will need:

A plain notebook
Foam sheets
PVA glue
Block of wood or cardboard
Acrylic paint

Simply start by cutting out your chosen shapes using scissors, or if you're more advanced use a craft knife. Geometric shapes are always a crowd pleaser and are super easy to cut out, but if you're feeling more adventurous cut what ever you would like. Make sure your shapes are blocky and chunky, also avoid fine lines.

Mount your shapes onto a block of wood or cardboard and use a sponge to apply the paint in a thin layer, do a few test stamps to make sure you've got the pressure right. Now you can design your pattern, I went for simple lines with my polka dots. Wipe your stamp on tissue or better yet a baby wipe to clean it so you can keep it for years!

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