Christmas & New Years 2014

 Mine and Simon's Christmas Jumpers

I wanted to share a few photos from my Christmas and New Year. I had a lovely few weeks off, I got given so many lovely presents, ate way too much, made loads of fudge and took my present decorating to another level. I also got over a foot of my hair chopped off, which is on its way to a cancer charity to become a wig for a child suffering from the illness. 

I have some wonderful friends and family and I can't wait to share 2014 with them all. I hope you all had a lovely holiday and Happy New Year! 

 Getting Ready for Teaching Christmas Workshops

Wreaths in Albion, Shoreditch

Post Christmas Pub Time

 Labour and Wait - One Stop Shop for Christmas Presents

Christmas Decs on the Door 

 Cinnamon in the Front Porch

Presents from my Mum

 My Gifts from Simon

 The Best Winter Drink Ever

 Lilies at my Mum's House

 The Tree

Big Box of Golden Presents I made for my Mum

One of the Festive Tables

Snowflakes in the Hall 

Ivy Decoration 

 New Christmas Mug

Another Festive Table 

Huge Cut Out Snowflakes in the Hall

NYE Couples Selfie

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