Simply Health Yoga Workshop

A few Sundays ago I got up early, well early for a Sunday, grabbed an earl grey and headed over to Dance Works off Oxford Street to take part in my first Yoga Class.

I have dabbled in yoga at home, with absolutely no idea what I was doing. I've been thinking about doing Yoga for about three years so when I was kindly invited to a bloggers yoga workshop hosted by Simply Health I was a very happy lady indeed.

The focus of the class was aimed at back pain, what causes it and how to elevate it. I have suffered from pain in my neck and lower back for over five years. I have been to three specialists, all of them recommended yoga and its taken me this long to get my act together, idiot.

The class was taught by the amazing teacher Colin Dunsmuir who after interviewing us individually about any issues went on to teach us some simple exercises. He taught us how to breath properly, then onto laying, standing and kneeling exercises. I'm not going to go into detail about all the poses and positions we did I as am not a yoga teacher, unlike Colin, but I felt great, great, great at the end.

After the class and on the way to meet a few friends in town I felt an enormous sense of well being / sleepiness (nice) and my pain seemed to slowly leave my body.

Safe to say I am now being gifted yoga classes for Christmas.

Simply Health have recently launched a free app to help those of us that suffer with back pain. For each download Simply Health will donate £1 to the charity BackCare. The app is free and I highly recommend downloading it, I know how much back pain can rule your life so if you're suffering please give it a go!


  1. This looks fun! I swear yoga got me through the stress of A levels as well as third year uni. It is so relaxing and makes you feel amazing! I plan to take it up again soon.

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    1. Thank you I really appreciate your comments! Glad you found the post interesting