How To Sew Clothes Part II

Its time for the second part of How to Sew Clothes, written kindly by Michelle from Makers Market. This final post will cover Tools, Inspiration and Help. You can read the fist part here. Image via Salieoh.

Over to Michelle...


There are many tools you can purchase for dress making but it’s best to start out with the basics and then pick up things along the way. Beware - haberdashery companies do like to invent items that don’t really need to be invented so don’t succumb to their sewing gadgets! These 5 items will get you through your first item of clothing:
  • Good quality dressmaking pins
  • Snips, I hang mine round my neck with ribbon so I don’t have to pick big scissors up and down when I’m at the machine. 
  • Tailors pencil chalk, for marking notches etc on fabric
  • Dressmaking scissors – never use for paper!
  • Pinking shears – to prevent your raw edges form fraying until you can afford an over locker!


This is of course a very personal thing. I find Pinterest a great way of storing inspiration, I love to browse through my boards when I’m having a creative slump. My other source of inspiration comes from dressmaking blogs, these are my top 5. Image via Sallieoh.


We all learn differently. I’d like to say I can read a pattern or book and take it all in but that’s not the case! I often need visuals and someone looking over my shoulder if it’s especially tricky. Image via Grainline
  • Sewalongs. The great thing about Indie pattern designers is they put so much effort into making things as easy as possible for you. So if you find a pattern you like google the name and ‘sewalong’ and you might find a step by step guide with photographs!
  • Classes can get expensive so choose carefully. I’d recommend taking an intro to dress making class, this usually means you will follow a pattern from start to finish in a class environment with help every step of the way and you’ll leave with a finished item. 
  • Other bloggers. The sewing community is very friendly so don’t be afraid to ask questions in their comments section, everyone likes to help each other!
Thanks so Much Michelle! I hope all of you found Michelle's tips and advice helpful, I know that I definitely feel inspired to start sewing now!

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