The Bloomsbury Group House - Charleston

Charleston was the home and country meeting place for the liberal writers, painters and intellectuals known as the Bloomsbury group. The interior was painted by the artists Duncan Grant and Vanessa Bell. The lives, loves and deaths of this infamous bunch of extremely talented individuals is explored in this Guardian piece.

I have decided to organise a little trip to Sussex for my boyfriend and I to see the house and garden. I can’t wait, I have been wanting to go ever since I looked through my parent’s copy of the book "Charleston: A Bloomsbury House and Gardens", which you should probably buy if you’re into this sort of thing.

Here’s a rather inspiring looking walk if you live near the house or are planning a visit to the area.  

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  1. I'm such a Bloomsbury fan! I SO want to visit Charleston and Monk's House... maybe next year for my 50th birthday??